Acrobatic PlayStyle Added in EA Sports FC 24

Acrobatic PlayStyle Added in EA Sports FC 24

Acrobatic PlayStyle Added in EA Sports FC 24, The new latest EA Sports FC 24 update contains gameplay repairs, upgrades, and new features. The update fixes animation issues, improves goalie reaction, makes long-range goals harder, improves passing and shooting accuracy, reduces player recovery time, and improves computer-controlled player AI.

New features include the “Acrobatic” PlayStyle, which boosts players’ jumping ability and increases their likelihood of performing acrobatic moves. The Evolution system for Ultimate Team players allows players to upgrade their players’ ratings and stats by completing certain objectives. The Stadium Creator mode allows players to create their own custom stadiums and introduces a new set of FUT Icons.

Acrobatic PlayStyle Added in EA Sports FC 24

The update also fixes minor bugs and glitches and improves overall game stability. The Acrobatic PlayStyle can be unlocked by reaching Level 10 in the Player Seasons mode, while the Evolution system is only available for Ultimate Team players. The Stadium Creator mode is only available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

The new FUT Icons will be available in packs and the FUT Transfer Market. Overall, the update for EA Sports FC 24 offers significant gameplay fixes, improvements, and new features, making it a popular choice for fans.


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