Counter Strike 2: Become the lowest-rated game on Steam

Counter Strike 2: Become the lowest-rated game on Steam

With 165,833 mixed reviews and 900,000 bad reviews, Counter-Strike 2 is Valve’s lowest-rated Steam game. Players are unhappy with this deviation from the franchise’s heritage. Despite its strong start, gamers have complained about the game’s instability, crashes, and inability to suit their needs.

The game’s incomplete status and removal of CS:GO achievements have disappointed gamers. Also concerning is Valve’s intention to replace CS:GO on Steam with Counter-Strike 2. Some longstanding CS:GO gamers cannot play given Valve’s decision to end support for Counter-Strike 2 on older hardware, including DirectX 9 and 32-bit operating systems, and macOS.

It raises issues about Counter-Strike’s future and how modifications affect players. Valve explained their choice by stressing its devotion to technology advances, but it highlights the challenges of modernizing a long-running franchise while satisfying loyal followers.

Valve has addressed some problems, but many remain unresolved. The firm has released a Legacy Version of CS:GO with support until January 1, 2024, although it may have several troubles after that. Counter-Strike 2’s poor Valve rating makes you think about player input and how choices affect gameplay.

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