Xbox Canada and Paidia Gaming Partner to Improve Accessible and Inclusive Gaming

Xbox Canada and Paidia Gaming Partner to Improve Accessible and Inclusive Gaming

Xbox Canada and Paidia Gaming Partner to Improve Accessible and Inclusive Gaming all the facts and news,

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Paidia’s beta was launched. Enables. Sign the “Paidia Pledge” and join Paidia. Trial! Paidia’s dawn. “Impressive Library of Games” permits tournaments, podcasts, audiobooks, editorials, and on-demand lectures. Release “The Move Makers Podcast” star Audrey Adair. iTunes and Spotify interviewed female gamers. Miss Harvey. Harvey, Jeannail “CuddleCore” Carter, and Kelsey Dangerous Impicciche are organization ambassadors. Xbox Canada and Razer sell inexpensive

Paidia hardware. Razer founded Xbox Canada. Xbox Game Pass “collaborative content” is multiplayer. Paidia-themed Razer Custom Laptop gold, skins, and accessories. Xbox Canada allows all players. Promote. Xbox Canada’s head of integrated marketing communications, Christina Verdurmen, said Paidia agrees, confirming the relationship.
Male gamers harass women, LGBTQ+ people, and minorities. Paidia advocates gamer neutrality. Paidia instructs.

Paidia costs $12.50/month ($9.99). PRNewswire—Vancouver— The Paidia, women, and allies website, launched today in beta. offers a 60-day trial after signing the “Paidia Pledge” to stop cyberbullying. Drama. 2021 gamers should use Paidia for discussion, videos, competitions, and awards. Paidia hosts all-around tournaments.

Paidia carries Xbox Game Pass for PC as well as Razer Customs gear. The free iTunes and Spotify podcast discusses notable female gamers. Download Stephanie “Miss Harvey” Harvey’s first episode. Six first-season episodes of “Gaming’s Hot.” 77% of female gamers are sexually harassed online. Women make up half of the gaming community. Jill Kenney serves as CEO of Paidia.

The founder of Paidia said, “We are changing the game by building an aspirational brand that offers products, solutions, and messages that really appeal to women and allies of all genders, as well as a safe and welcoming place to meet and play.” Different women from Guild Esports, Dynasty Esports, Leaf Mobile, and the Argo Blockchain help Paidia come up with creative solutions to problems. Stephanie Harvey, Jeanail Carter, and Kelsey Impicciche represent Paidia. Artists recommend positive gaming. Missharvey’s valiant invitation launches Paidia’s creator program on November 25.

Paidia was created by the well-known Razer. Razer’s dedicated portal sells Xbox Game Pass and Paidia items. In Paidia’s “Pay It Forward Campaign,” gamers can recommend Razer Blades, a year of Xbox Game Pass, and a Paidia subscription. “Share.” “Paidia’s values enable this relationship,” Xbox’s Canadian PR manager Christina Verdurmen elaborated. Paidia’s monthly charge is $9.99, and Razer’s goal of building a community where “everyone belongs” inspires gamers worldwide to spend more time gaming (USD).

Paidia offers an unlimited number of tournaments, media experiences, content creation, comments, sharing, talking, special products, redemption benefits, and partner perks. Players with valid email addresses can watch, buy, and participate in events for free for 60 days. Toronto—January 12, 2023, Xbox Canada and Paidia, a tech, gaming, and media company, have extended their exclusive partnership to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion in esports. Xbox Canada founded Paidia.

In 2023, the communities of both companies will be brought together by Paidia’s games, media, content, competitions, loyalty, and social. “We’re focused on changing the game by establishing an aspirational brand that offers products, solutions, and messaging that genuinely appeal to women and diverse gamers,” says Paidia Gaming CEO Jill Kenney. Xbox supports girls. Xbox and Paidia wanted inclusive gaming. Social gaming evolution. Xbox Canada’s Senior Integrated Marketing Manager, Matt Mamalyga, encourages diversity and inclusivity since gaming is for everyone. Paidia loves Canadian players.

Introducing Paidia Gaming!

Xbox Canada and Paidia Gaming Partner to Improve Accessible and Inclusive Gaming, Paidia gaming 2023

Paidia is a gaming, tech, and media company run by women. It has created a safe gaming community for gamers of all kinds. Professional women launched Paidia to deliver cutting-edge solutions that promote constructive gaming dialogue. The hub shields community seekers. Tournaments, games, live and on-demand coaching, and gaming networking are offered.

Paidia is a harassment-free online gaming community where women and allies may make friends, share experiences, and improve their abilities. Paidia was started by a group of professional women from different backgrounds who wanted to come up with new ways to talk about games in a positive way. Gamer’s Paradise is the integrated portal. There are media and content explorations, competitions, games, loot and prizes, lessons on demand and in real-time, and player interactions.

Microsoft Canada

Microsoft Canada, 2023, Xbox Canada and Paidia Gaming Partner to Improve Accessible and Inclusive Gaming

Since 1985, Microsoft Canada Inc. has represented Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT), the world’s leading provider of software, services, and solutions for personal and corporate success, in Canada. Microsoft Canada can help you with sales, marketing, consulting, and local support in both English and French.

Microsoft Canada offers innovative business and consumer solutions worldwide. Microsoft Canada is a global technology giant that serves its home country with cutting-edge products, services, and solutions. Microsoft Canada uses cloud computing, AI, and VR to change institutions in Canada, help Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs grow, and give Canadian students and teachers new opportunities. Microsoft Canada supports several outstanding community programs in Canada.

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