Apple's latest Proton-like application allows Macs to play Windows games

Apple’s latest Proton-like application allows Macs to play Windows games

Apple’s latest Proton-like application allows Macs to play Windows games

More Windows games on Mac may soon be possible. Earlier this week at WWDC, Apple announced a Proton-like environment that can translate and run DirectX 12 Windows games on macOS, making it simpler and faster to convert Windows games to Mac.

Valve’s Proton and Steam Deck inspired Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit. Crossover source code powers it. Apple’s tool rapidly converts Windows games to macOS, enabling creators to test an unmodified Windows game on a Mac before converting it.

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Valve’s Steam Deck software runs Windows games like the Game Porting Toolkit. It uses a Proton-like environment to convert Windows games to macOS so creators may assess the viability of a Linux or Steam Deck transformation. Proton, a program to evaluate games for Windows on Linux and Steam Deck, examines device compatibility to help users with that selection.

Game Porting Toolkit converts Windows games to Mac. They let creators immediately move Windows games to macOS to assess whether a polished version is worth doing. The toolkit’s ported version will have multiple flaws.

Have any body tried it?

Somebody made an effort with this tool. A Redditor ran Cyberpunk 2077 on a MacBook Pro M1. The game ran sub-15FPS at 1440×900 with extreme settings. The low preset may be able to run the game at a playable frame rate.

This program from Apple’s new Game Porting Toolkit emulates unmodified Windows games. This lets developers test the game and find issues before attempting a native port. It’s not Proton for Mac gaming, its for steam deck. In that profile you can also see Diablo IV on M1 Max (MBP 14″) using MacOS Ventura & Hogwarts Legacy on M2 Max

How You Can Download Game Porting Toolkit

Apple Developer Program members may obtain the Game Porting Toolkit. One developer suggests downloading the toolkit from the sign-in page. You can aslo try Github or other workarounds. Reddit users have tried the Game Porting Toolkit with Cyberpunk 2077, Diablo IV, and Hogwarts Legacy. If they improve, these ports could bring in a new Mac gaming age.

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Apple now provides a Metal Shader Converter to automatically convert GPU shaders to Metal and a tool to estimate how much porting work will be needed to repair issues and optimize games on macOS. These technologies greatly simplify Windows-to-Mac game porting.

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