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Best free RPG games for android – Gamendly 2023

Android has several free RPGs. Discover dragon lair crawl, action-adventures, and more. These Android Role – playing game games are realistic and free.

List of best free RPG games for android:

  • Angel Legion of Heroes
  • AdventureQuest 3D
  • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
  • Zenonia 5
  • Heroes of Order & Chaos
  • Summoners War: Sky Arena
  • Evoker: Magic Card Game
  • Inotia 4
  • Dragons of Atlantis
  • Epic Conquest
Angel Legion of Heroes

Angel Legion of Heroes

3D Hero Idle RPG GAME (Install)

Developed By: Xingfei company

Released On: Nov 29, 2019

Legion of Heroes is an engaging mobile game with traditional RPG mechanics and a growing cast. Players assemble a squad of heroes to fight monsters and other gamers in epic battles. Legion of Heroes engages players of all levels with a complex plot, excellent visuals, and a wide variety of goods and equipment.

The game has narrative mode, raid bosses, PvP, and more. Story mode progresses linearly through stages and monsters. Raid bosses need teamwork to vanquish. One-on-one PvP fights are the most fierce.

Players may equip and customise their characters in addition to fighting. These dungeon goodies boost heroes’ stats. Players may utilise them to make formidable weapons and armour.

Angel Legion requires 5.0 Android and has 1M+ downloads.

AdventureQuest 3D RPG Game

AdventureQuest 3D

3D MMO RPG GAME (Install)

Developed By: Artix Entertainment LLC

Released On: Oct 19, 2016

Adventure Quest 3D is a 3D online role-playing game (RPG) featuring monsters, missions, and fascinating experiences. While they play, players may create characters, modify weapons and armour, and explore a massive universe. Adventure Quest 3D’s multiplayer capabilities let players band together to defeat tough dungeons and enemies.

Adventure Quest 3D has everything from slimes to dragons. These animals and foes must be fought and looted. New weapons and equipment may be modified as players advance. Players may join guilds and fight formidable bosses for powerful gear and rare treasure.

The free-to-play action adventure RPG game has 1M+ downloads and requires Android 5.1.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius RPG Game

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

A tried-and-true, yet brand-new RPG!(Install)

Developed By: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Released On: Jun 29, 2016

Brave Exvius is a great opportunity to look into one of the most beloved mobile games of all time. Developed by Square Enix and released in 2016, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a free-to-play role-playing game for iOS and Android devices. The game combines the classic Final Fantasy gameplay with a modern mobile experience.

Rain and Lasswell, two characters, must restore Lapis. They must fight opponents and fulfil objectives while exploring enormous dungeons, towns, and other areas to achieve this. They may recruit formidable companions with unique powers and tales.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius lets you personalise your characters in addition to its interesting tale. You may equip weapons, armour, and magic spells and customise your squad. Its sophisticated fighting system lets you plan and modify your squad as you play.

Secrets abound in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. As you continue, you’ll meet a variety of enemies with varied attacks and skills. To strengthen your squad, you may gather weapons, armour, and accessories. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is intriguing and profound. Fans admire it for its captivating tale, intricate fighting system, and large universe of mysteries. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a wonderful mobile action-adventure RPG.

Zenonia 5 best RPG game for android free

Zenonia 5

The Definitive Action RPG Returns! (Install)

Developed By: Com2uS Holdings Corporation

Released On: Nov 29, 2012

Zenonia 5 is a Gamevil-published action-RPG. iOS and Android users may play. Heroes must defend the planet from an unknown evil power. Dark fantasy creatures, weaponry, and locales populate the game.

Warriors, magicians, paladins, and shamans are available. Skills, weapons, and abilities vary per class. The game has armour, weapons, and accessories.

Gems and in-game coins improve equip. The game has a narrative mode and a PvP mode where people fight. Guild wars are also available. Daily missions, events, and activities keep gamers occupied.

RPG fans will appreciate it.

Heroes of Order & Chaos RPG mobile game

Heroes of Order & Chaos

3D MMO RPG (Install)

Developed By: Gameloft SE

Released On: Sep 16, 2015

Gameloft’s iOS and Android multiplayer game Heroes of Order & Chaos now live. In Haradon, people play as heroes and team up to defeat opponents and accomplish quests.

The game has a variety of heroes with distinct talents and powers, as well as goods, weapons, and armour to equip them with. The user may upgrade and personalise each hero’s skills to fit their playstyle. Players may challenge friends and other gamers worldwide in the game’s asynchronous multiplayer mode.

To get experience and awards, this game contains several objectives. Players may also explore dungeons, fight bosses, and play tournaments. Daily, weekly, and annual events are also available in Heroes of Order & Chaos.

Heroes of Order & Chaos is an excellent game with plenty of material and possibilities. It’s simple to learn and includes a decent tutorial. It also features fantastic graphics and a lively soundtrack.

Summoners War RPG game for android free to play

Summoners War

An action-packed fantasy RPG (Install)

Developed By: Com2uS

Released On: Jun 2, 2014

iOS and Android turn-based strategy game Summoners War: Sky Arena. Players fight utilising a variety of creatures with different skills and characteristics.

Form a formidable monster squad and tactically combat opponents to collect prizes and advance through the game.

The game has a vast globe with hundreds of creatures to acquire, a complex battle system, and bright visuals.

Participants choose a team element—Light, Dark, Fire, Water, or Wind—to begin the game. To create a balanced squad, players must employ parts with various strengths and limitations. Runes, tasks, and events may level monsters.

Magic: The Gathering Arena RPG game

Magic: The Gathering Arena

The Gathering Arena (Install)

Developed By: Wizards of the Coast LLC

Released On: Mar 17, 2021

Magic: The Gathering Arena has been popular since the early 2000s. Players build decks to fight in this game.

Each player has a maximum of 40 cards in their deck, each with distinct powers and effects to destroy their opponent. “Evoker: MTG” is a card game based on Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Players take turns playing cards from their hands, fighting creature cards, casting spells, and utilising other unique abilities in Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Player must conserve life points. Zero life points means game over. Players must strategize and predict their opponents’ actions in this complex game. To beat your opponent, you need to know the cards and their effects and the best methods.

Inotia 4 RPG Game

Inotia 4

 Continent mobile RPG action game! (Install)

Developed By: Com2uS

Released On: Jul 15, 2012

Inotia 4 is a hack-and-slash RPG where players fight enemies with one hero. Players use spells, assaults, and special skills to beat adversaries in fast-paced combat. The game has a rich tale, fascinating characters, and a vast environment full of mysteries and challenges.

Monsters, magic, and adventure await in Inotia. Players choose a hero—a fierce warrior, clever rogue, loyal cleric, or powerful mage—and defend the world from evil. Players explore dungeons, battle monsters, and complete missions to obtain experience, treasure, and strong gear.

Inotia 4’s crafting system lets players make strong weapons, armour, and accessories. Monsters and missions provide crafting materials. Crafting may enhance equipment and generate strong artefacts.

Dragons of Atlantis free RPG game

Dragons of Atlantis

 Epic Kingdom to rule the skies of Atlantis (Install)

Developed By: Deca_Games

Released On: May 12, 2013

Dragons of Atlantis is a popular new game. A mighty dragon ruler must create and protect a kingdom in this game. Manage resources, develop and improve buildings, assemble an army, and fight rivals. Its bright graphics, intricate tactics, and violent combat make this game so popular.

Dragons of Atlantis starts with racial selection. Humans, Elves, Orcs, and Undead are available. Choose the race that matches your playstyle since each race has pros and cons. After picking a race, you may name and personalise your dragon lord.

The game has many structures and resources to create and enhance your empire. Build farms, timber mills, mines, armouries, and more. These structures supply the resources you need to create and improve your kingdom. Upgrade these structures for more production or unique powers.

Epic Conquest best RPG free to play android game

Epic Conquest

Single-Player Action RPG (Install)

Developed By: Gaco Games

Released On: Oct 5, 2017

Gaea Mobile Limited’s Epic Conquest is an adventure RPG. The game has great graphics and a captivating tale. Gamers will encounter danger, riches, and adventure. The game begins with character selection and customization.

Each class has its own talents and abilities, so they may select. After character creation, gamers may begin their trip.

The game’s plot follows the player as they explore. To proceed, players must accomplish tasks and challenges and fight adversaries. The game’s weaponry and armour let players to personalise their characters.

Gamers may form guilds to work together on harder difficulties. Players may compare their progress on the game’s online leaderboard.

Players may personalise their experience using Epic Conquest’s several modes. The main plot, dungeons, and PvP arenas are available to players.

Epic Conquest is a great adventure game with plenty of content and repeat potential. Epic Conquest’s complex and intriguing plot, various gameplay choices, and breathtaking graphics make it one of the most popular adventure RPG games.


You’re looking for some great free RPG games for Android, all of these games offer hours of entertainment and immersive, story-driven experiences. They all have vibrant graphics, engaging gameplay, and plenty of character customization options. Gamendly provided you with the best RPG games for android for free.

So, whether you’re a veteran of RPGs or just getting started, these three games are sure to provide you with an enjoyable experience. Hope you’ll like the games and have the best experience and fun!



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