Can you play ps5 games on external hard drive

Can you play ps5 games on external hard drive

Can you play ps5 games on external hard drive

The PlayStation 5’s amazing graphics, immersive gameplay, and vast game catalog have made it a worldwide hit. Playing PS5 games via an external hard drive is challenging because the console’s internal storage can soon fill up.

PS5 games need the console’s SSD storage to run smoothly. PS5 games must be copied to the internal SSD before launch.

External hard drives usually can’t match the PS5’s integrated SSD, resulting in slower loading times, performance difficulties, and a worse gaming experience.

However, you may put PS5 and PS4 games on an external hard drive to free up space on your SSD and keep less-played games accessible.

Copy a PS5 game from an external hard drive to the internal SSD to play it. This simple step can be done from the console’s settings menu. Game size determines copying time, although it’s faster than re-downloading from the internet.

An M.2 SSD extension card can replace external hard drives for PS5 storage due to its quicker read and write rates. M.2 SSDs can match or exceed the PS5’s internal SSD, allowing you to store and play games from the expansion card. Compared to external hard drives, M.2 SSDs are more expensive.

Finally, external hard drives can help you manage your PS5 game library even though they cannot play PS5 games.

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