Every Upcoming Nintendo Switch Game

Every Upcoming Nintendo Switch Game

Nintendo Switch is a popular platform with many titles for different interests. The business will release several anticipated titles in 2023 and beyond. Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Detective Pikachu Returns, Sonic Superstars, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Metroid Prime 4, and Super Mario RPG are anticipated.

Wonder Flowers can transform the world and characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a 2D adventure. Detective Pikachu Returns features new Pokemon characters and Pikachu’s voice acting as Tim and his talking Pikachu solve crimes in Ryme City. Sonic Superstars is a 2D side-scrolling Sonic game that lets players go through 12 new zones and employ seven new Emerald powers to improve.

Breath of the Wild sequel Tears of the Kingdom adds new adversaries, dungeons, weapons, and skills. The game’s physics engine will be updated. Samus Aran stars in Metroid Prime 4, the fourth installment in the franchise. Experience gorgeous graphics, engaging exploration, and furious fighting in this sci-fi adventure.

Mario and his pals fight the Smithy Gang to save the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario RPG, a turn-based RPG. The game is noted for its charm, comedy, and unusual platforming-RPG gameplay.

Other Switch titles scheduled for 2023 and beyond include Batman: Arkham Trilogy, Jurassic Park: Classic titles Collection, Transformers: Earthspark – Expedition, Persona 5 Tactica, and Biomutant.

Every Upcoming Nintendo Switch Game

GameRelease Date
Virtual Mom – Job Simulator ManagerOctober 1
Bilkins’ FollyOctober 2
Madfarmer: Lost Kingdoms and Crazy CrittersOctober 2
Disgaea 7: Vows of the VirtuelessOctober 3
Elder StoryOctober 3
Paint Pro For Kids 0+October 3
PictoPullOctober 3
Silent HopeOctober 3
Survivor: Castaway IslandOctober 3
Synergia – NextGen EditionOctober 3
World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing ’23 EditionOctober 3
A Tiny Sticker TaleOctober 4
Cassette Beasts: Pier of the UnknownOctober 4
DinobreakOctober 4
Diorama DungeoncrawlOctober 4
Asterix & Obelix: HeroesOctober 5
Bang-On Balls: ChroniclesOctober 5
Black WitchcraftOctober 5
Cafe Master StoryOctober 5
Fabled LandsOctober 5
Front Mission 2: RemakeOctober 5
Knight vs Giant: The Broken ExcaliburOctober 5
My Little UniverseOctober 5
schleich Puzzles Farm WorldOctober 5
The Dark Pictures: Little HopeOctober 5
The Sisters 2 – Road to FameOctober 5
Viki Spotter: Complete BundleOctober 5
Wargroove 2October 5
Aquarium LandOctober 6
Borderlands 3 Ultimate EditionOctober 6
Detective Pikachu ReturnsOctober 6
Freaky TripOctober 6
Merge MasterOctober 6
Park RacerOctober 6
Pirates on TargetOctober 6
Project BlueOctober 6
Shy Cats Hidden OrchestraOctober 6
Sunshine ManorOctober 6
The Pale BeyondOctober 6
Hyper Gym Life 3D – Tough GuysOctober 7
Two Sedans Driving SimulatorOctober 8
Airship DefenderOctober 10
Long Gone DaysOctober 10
Wild Card FootballOctober 10
RedRaptorOctober 11
Supreme Car Parking Simulator 2024October 11
Terra Alia: The Language Discovery RPGOctober 11
AstrosmashOctober 12
Cook, Serve, Delicious!October 12
Dementium: The Ward [2023]October 12
Devil Engine: Complete EditionOctober 12
Dino Ranch – Ride to the RescueOctober 12
Haunted House [2023]October 12
River City: Rival Showdown [2023 Remake]October 12
The Company of Heroes CollectionOctober 12
Alphadia I & IIOctober 13
Chemically BondedOctober 13
The Grinch: Christmas AdventuresOctober 13
Transformers: Earthspark – ExpeditionOctober 13
Jurassic Park: Classic Games CollectionOctober 15
Kingdom Eighties: Summer of GreedOctober 16

In short, the Nintendo Switch is a fun and versatile gaming device for all ages and tastes. You can find action, adventure, puzzle, RPG, or anything else among the upcoming Switch games. Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Detective Pikachu Returns, Sonic Superstars, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Metroid Prime 4, and Super Mario RPG are anticipated.

Nintendo’s creativity, inventiveness, and excellence will shine in these titles. You can also see the entire list of upcoming Switch games here and mark your calendars for your favorites. We hope you enjoyed our overview of the upcoming Switch games, and we hope to play them with you soon!


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