Fans have been begging for it, and now Hunt: Showdown has it: roaming bosses

Fans have been begging for it, and now Hunt: Showdown has it: roaming bosses

Developer updates from YouTube

Crytek has created a new video, in which the developers of one of the best and most interesting PC shooters, Hunt: Showdown, talk about what’s in store for the game over the next year. Fans have been begging for it, and now Hunt: Showdown has it: roaming bosses, The movie also serves as an introduction to David Fifield, the new general manager of Hunt: Showdown.

Fifield has over 25 years of experience working on multiplayer games like MechWarrior, Call of Duty, and Halo, and he now brings that expertise to the Hunt community. Fifield has a fantastic beard and generally looks like he belongs in the Bayou, brandishing a shotgun, which certainly doesn’t harm his case.

This video, clocking in at just under an hour, touches on a wide variety of topics that may be of interest to dedicated players, such as monetization, player numbers, and future events. However, the biggest piece of news is the introduction of “wild targets,” or boss creatures that will roam outside of compounds.

Although fans have consistently asked for more bosses, the idea of a boss that can be encountered outside of designated boss arenas is novel to Hunt. As a result of the natural flow of the game, encountering one of them will undoubtedly lead to crucial decisions for both teams, which should further the excitement of a regular Hunt match.

In addition, we’ll be adding new pacts, events, a shooting range where you and your squad can train (and play 1v1), a currency system that’s focused solely on cosmetic products, a new currency system, and a tweak to the present Blood Bonds currency system. Because gator traps are part of certain questlines, some players are under the impression that a massive alligator is on the loose in preparation for the summer’s release of the roaming bosses and the next Trilogy event.

Fifield adds that a new map and biome are in the works, but they won’t be ready this year. Fifield claims that the reason they are targeting early 2024 is so that they can release an almost flawless version.

In a broader context, the Hunt team will be concentrating on more backend priorities in 2023, including better servers, fixing a persistent reload bug at its source, and updating the game to the latest version of CryEngine, in addition to releasing updated console versions by the year’s end.

In Hunt: Showdown, practically everyone has responded positively to this. Fans of the game completely agree with Fifield when he says that strengthening the game’s foundations is a top priority.

This is because players see that Crytek is committed to the game for the long haul by prioritizing these kinds of improvements.

In conclusion, Hunt: Showdown has finally answered the call from its fans and added roaming bosses to the game. This new feature is sure to bring even more excitement and challenges to the gameplay experience. If you want you stay with the latest gaming news and with the gaming industry stay with Gamendly.

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