GTA 6 Countdown Starts Coming Soon

GTA 6 Countdown Starts Coming Soon

GTA 6 Countdown Starts Coming Soon acoording to the YouTuber GTANetwork suggested a GTA 6 announcement, citing GTA 5’s 10-year anniversary, Take-Two Interactive’s annual meeting on September 21, 2023, and Rockstar’s Manhattan cinematic editor job listing. Fall GTA games have been announced by Rockstar, with GTA 4 in October 2007 and GTA 5 in November 2011.

Rockstar may release a teaser trailer for the game on October 26, 2023, GTA 5’s 10th anniversary, according to Twitter speculations. Another rumor says the game will release in 2024. These rumors are unconfirmed by Rockstar.

Eightify also speculates that GTA 6 may be announced shortly, citing the same factors as GTANetwork’s YouTube video. CEO Strauss Zelnick has hinted at a revenue gain in fiscal year 2025, which requires a large new game like GTA 6.

According to YouTube, Twitter, and websites, Rockstar may reveal GTA 6 soon. Nothing is confirmed yet. Some fans think GTA 6 will be set in Vice City, the 2002 game. Others think the game will be set in Vice City and a new place, or in a new place altogether.

Rockstar has not provided any official information on GTA 6, thus it is hard to predict. The success of previous GTA games suggests it will be a popular release.

Source: MrBossFTW and Twitter (@GTAVI_Countdown)

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