GTA 6 release date & leaks

GTA 6 release date & leaks

GTA 6 the game is in development Rockstar games confirmed on February 2022 that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in active development and Rockstar Games recently says that there will be no more updates will come for Red Dead Redemption which means that they focus on GTA 6 development, Microsft announced recently that GTA 6 expected to release sometime in 2024. Unfortunately, GTA 6 information got leaked which raises many questions in the gaming community. Here, we will discover all the GTA 6 release date, leaks, Map, & more.

GTA 6 Leaks

Some say that GTA 6 leaks were fan made and there was no original data that was leaked related to the game, Well some of the videos and images were fan-made, But Rockstar has confirmed that video from Grand Theft Auto VI was released after a breach. Developers of the new Grand Theft Auto game claim more than 90 photos and videos from the game were stolen online by a hacker.

Who hacked GTA 6 videos and images?

GTA 6 hackers and leaks videos and images

Some Important information about leaks

The document claimed that the leaked GTA 6 film was the result of a “network breach” that let an outsider “illegally access to download secret information from [its] systems.”

The breach of Uber in early September and the infiltration of Nvidia, where the organization gained access to and shared sensitive designs, were both previously claimed by the group Lapsus$.

Similar to the last Uber data breach, which Teapotuberhacker also claimed credit for, the hacking methods utilized look to be the same. In both incidents, the chat service Slack seems to have been an initial point of entry via which critical information was accessed.

Now, A 17-year-old London resident is facing numerous charges of computer abuse and breaches of bail after being accused of participating in high-profile breaches at ride-hailing giant Uber and Rockstar Games.

Features & leaks of GTA 6

GTA 6 Features and leaks

Taking inspiration from the American criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde, Bloomberg claims that GTA 6 will include the series’ first female protagonist and focus on a pair of characters designed in their likeness. The released clip supports this theory since it has a man and a female protagonist.

While Trevor’s hunting side objective in the 2013 installment of the series included some virtual wildlife, more exotic animals including boars, alligators, and raccoons are expected to make an appearance in GTA 6.

Jobs range from an associate designer handling “open-world events” to an associate dialogue designer assisting in the development of “groundbreaking interactive narratives,” with a grand total of 227 available opportunities.

Comparison Shows Leaked GTA 6 Map Will Be 50 Percent Bigger Than GTA 5. Bigger is better! Rockstar’s next GTA title recently suffered a massive leak which included several photos and videos from the pre-alpha build being revealed.

Population walking around you, there will be options given to Rob, Shoot, Do nothing.

One of the leaked videos showed in the major GTA 6 leaks included the player carrying a corpse on their shoulders. The actual function of this gameplay element is unclear at the moment, however, it’s feasible that it might be related to some stealth mechanism for burying corpses.

It’s also not clear whether the NPC’s mass slows down the player’s movement. The Grand Theft Auto series is renowned for its incredible attention to detail, so it will be exciting to see how comprehensive this new feature is.

The Mobile Phone, In GTA 6 you will have the Instagram app, Whatsapp, and other new and modern settings on your mobile phone are featured.

The game’s location has been leaked. Due to the current leak, several gameplay footages of GTA 6 are now available to fans. Despite it being an early prototype, fans were able to figure out that the game will be set in Vice City, a fictional version of Miami.

Cross-Platform or Not?

Will GTA 6 have cross-platform or not?

As in GTA 5 Online, there is no cross-platform available a piece of detailed information you should read to know if there is any possibility of cross-platform for GTA 5 Or GTA 6, Is GTA V online cross-platform?

So now in GTA 6, it’s possible that Rockstar Games may add Cross-platform to GTA 6 so that players playing on different hardware can play with each other so there is no official news from Rockstar Games.

GTA 6 Release date?

After the leaks there are many questions about whether the game will release now is suspended and the game release date is not been officially announced, But it is expected to release in 2024. Apparently, Microsoft thinks that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released in 2024.

The leak of GTA 6 gameplay has not caused Rockstar to postpone the release of the game, the company has said. Rockstar expressed “great disappointment” that information regarding the game had been leaked in this manner, and promised fans that the breach would not cause GTA 6 to be delayed.


GTA is going to be a great game, with a much more sized map than GTA 5, more realistic graphics & more features also. Due to the leaks, Rockstar Games says, that was a great disappointment and also says that the games will be released as it was planned with no delay due to Leaks. The fans are very excited to see the game soon!

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