How to crossplay GTA 5 PC and PS4

How to crossplay GTA 5 PC and PS4

How to crossplay GTA 5 PC and PS4

Crossplay, the ability to play video games with gamers on various platforms, has grown in popularity. GTA 5 does not enable crossplay, so PC and PS4 gamers cannot play. GTA 5 crossplay on PC and PS4 is possible with a few hacks. Rockstar Games does not promote these approaches, however some players have found success.

How to crossplay GTA 5 PC and PS4

Third-party service

How to crossplay GTA 5 PC and PS4 - Third Party Service
Image Credit: FiveM

Several third-party providers allow PC and PS4 GTA 5 crossplay. These services use VPNs to connect players from different platforms to the same gaming server. FiveM is a popular GTA 5 crossplay service. FiveM is a free, open-source GTA 5 mod that lets players host unique servers. FiveM supports crossplay, so you can play GTA 5 with pals on other platforms.

Remote Desktop

How to crossplay GTA 5 PC and PS4 - Remote Desktop
Back Image Credit: Rockstar Games

Remote Desktop lets PC and PS4 gamers crossplay GTA 5. One popular Remote Desktop program is TeamViewer. Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android users can remotely operate computers with TeamViewer, a free and simple program. To crossplay GTA 5 on PC and PS4, download and install TeamViewer on your PC and PS4.

Create an account and log in, start TeamViewer on your PC, click the “Allow Remote Control” button, start TeamViewer on your PS4, enter your PC’s ID, and click “Connect” to start controlling your PC from your PS4.

Modified PS4

The final way to crossplay GTA 5 on PC and PS4 is using a modified PS4. Modified PS4s can run unofficial software like GTA 5. Jailbreak exploits are popular PS4 mods. Jailbreaking a PS4 lets you install custom firmware for additional system control. After modding your PS4, you can install crossplay-enabled GTA 5. GTA 5 mods are available online, however Rockstar Games does not support them.

In conclusion, Rockstar Games does not enable PC-PS4 crossplaying GTA 5. There are a few ways to crossplay the game. These approaches are risky, yet some players say they work. GTA 5 crossplay will not be official until Rockstar Games adds support.


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