How to start a game on game pigeon

How to start a game on game pigeon

How to start a game on game pigeon? GamePigeon is a popular collection of two-player games for iPhone and iPad Messages. Staying in touch with friends and family while having fun is excellent.

Word Hunt, Archery, and Shuffleboard are among the 25 games available, along with oldies like 8-Ball Pool, Darts, and Mini Golf.

Start a GamePigeon game:

  • Start a new Messages chat with your playmate.
  • Tap the four-dot App Store icon above the keyboard.
  • Scroll down and tap GamePigeon.
  • Browse the games and tap one to play.
  • Tap “Send” to invite a friend to the game.
  • After your friend accepts, the game starts immediately.
  • Advice for playing GamePigeon

Some games offer multiple modes and settings. Before playing a game, tap “Settings” to discover its settings.

  • Tap the chat bubble in the bottom corner to chat with a friend while playing.
  • Tap “Pause” to halt the game timer.
  • Tap “Quit” to quit the game.

Here are some popular GamePigeon games:

How to start a game on game pigeon - Best Games

8-Ball Pool, Darts, Mini Golf, Word Hunt, Shuffleboard, Archery, Anagrams, Knockout, and Filler.
Tips for winning GamePigeon games: Paintball, Sea Battle, Tanks

  • Mastery comes from practice! Playing more improves you.
  • Try different methods to find what works.
  • Track your opponent’s moves and anticipate their next move.
  • Dare to risk! Going bold can be the best way to win.


GamePigeon is a wonderful way to stay in touch and have fun with friends and family. Over 25 games offer something for everyone. Start GamePigeon and challenge your buddies next time you’re bored!

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