Kotaku's Weekend News a short view - On each One!

Kotaku’s Weekend News a short view – On each One!

Kotaku’s Weekend News a short view

New video game releases, updates, and scandals occur regularly. This week, Kotaku covered Baldur’s Gate 3’s $20 deluxe edition, Elden Ring’s easy mode, Modern Warfare III players’ call for the removal of the OP ‘Groot’ skin, Valve’s plan to combat bots and resellers hoarding the new Steam Deck, and Epic Games Store’s free game lineup’s addition of Hades.

The long-awaited Suicide Squad game boasts a big open world, live-service content, and a playable Harley Quinn. Kotaku readers voted on the biggest 2023 Game Awards snubs — the results are in. Casey Hudson, former Mass Effect lead, founded narrative-driven game studio Humanoid Studios.

Kotaku unboxed the limited edition Spider-Man 2 PS5, with a black and red design and DualSense controller. Kotaku covered many gaming culture news articles this week. Visit Kotaku.com for news, reviews, and features.

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