Marvel Spider Man 2 Critic Review - All In One

Marvel Spider Man 2 Critic Review – All in one

Marvel Spider Man 2

Spider Man 2 an action adventure video game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment is set to release on October 20 2023. It will be exclusively available, for the PlayStation 5.

This game serves as the sequel to Marvels Spider Man (2018) and Marvels Spider Man; Miles Morales (2020). In Spider Man 2 players will witness Peter Parker and Miles Morales joining forces to confront both familiar adversaries such as Venom, Kraven the Hunter, the Lizard and Sandman.

The development of Spider Man 2 utilizes Unreal Engine 5 promising players a experience with awe inspiring graphics. The game world is expected to be significantly larger and more intricate compared to installments in the Spider Man series. Additionally characters and animations are crafted with realism.

Although specific details about the story of Spider Man 2 remain undisclosed at this time it has been revealed that the game will delve into the dynamics between Peter and Miles. Moreover players will witness Peter struggling to find a balance between his life as Spider Man and his personal affairs.

Here are all TOP 50 BEST website reviews, including the MetaCritic Score of Spider-Man 2 and other gaming websites. The game will soon be available to play on PS5 on October 20, 2023. Let’s start, gamers!


UPDATED ON: 19 October – 2023


PS5 – Based on 123 Critic Reviews

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Metacritic - 91

Metacritic – 90

Metacritic Reviews on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 of 129 critic reviews unitil now.

IGN - 80

IGN – 80

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 delivers Insomniac’s best tale yet, and despite its open world falling short, is a reliably fun superhero power trip.

Game Rant - 90

Game Rant – 90

The sequel to 2018’s Spider-Man and its Miles Morales spin-off, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a PS5 console exclusive. Insomniac’s open-world game features Peter Parker and Miles Morales as dual protagonists, with the two heroes going up against the likes of Kraven, Venom, and Lizard. 

PC Games - 90

PC Games – 90

With Spider-Man 2, the developers at Insomniac continue the adventures of Peter and Miles with a gripping story, taking many of the strengths of the predecessors and making meaningful improvements in the right places.

The Gamers - 90

The Gamers – 90

Spider-Man 2 feels like it’s right in the centre of Sony’s blockbuster sequel design philosophy. Where Horizon Forbidden West did the same thing but bigger, The Last of Us Part 2 elevated itself technologically, narratively, and most importantly, ambitiously.

Game Spot - 80

Game Spot – 80

All in all, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 may largely give us more of what we’ve played in Insomniac’s previous Spider-Man games, but that winning formula is still so damn fun that it really doesn’t matter. 

EuroGamers - 80

EuroGamers – 80

It’s a welcome relief from thinking about anything more serious, from anti-heroes and darker-than-dark tones. And it’s the perfect tone itself for Spider-Man.

Games Radar+ - 100

Games Radar+ – 100

PlayStation Studios and Insomniac Games’ much-anticipated follow-up, then, is the result of years of evolution and iteration, both from Insomniac Games itself, and within the wider superhero action-adventure genre.

GamesHub - 100

GamesHub – 100

As a sequel to one of the most impressive games of its era, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was weighed down by expectations. But Insomniac Games has turned these expectations on their head, spinning a Spider-story that brims with confidence, style, and most importantly – an essential human touch.

Video Gamer - 100

Video Gamer – 100

It wraps up with spectacular precision. Each character reaches a turning point in their development, though circumstances are bittersweet. Through podcasts and street art, New York lives and breathes the mythos of Spider-Man – two characters who have led the city through tragedy despite their own. 

VG247 - 100

VG247 – 100

Spider-Man 2 is exceptional. In your hands, it’s the best a superhero game has ever felt. On your eyes, it’s a pure tour de force of what the PlayStation 5 can do. On your heart, it’s heavy, enticing, exciting.

Gaming Trend - 95

Gaming Trend – 95

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a straight-out-of-the-comicbooks masterpiece, and one of the best superhero games ever made.

The Enemy - 100

The Enemy – 100

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a love letter to all Spider-Man fans, which delivers everything it promised and will still leave many looking forward to Insomniac’s next works.

COGconnected - 100

COGconnected – 100

Spider-Man 2 is the greatest superhero game ever made. Period. The way it builds off the foundation laid by 2018’s Spider-Man is a shining example of how to create a sequel.

Shacknews - 100

Shacknews – 100

 Both story and gameplay have taken large steps forward, and I’m fully convinced that there is no studio that could make Spider-Man games better than Insomniac Games.

Inverse - 100

Inverse – 100

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 feels like the first game to truly take full advantage of what the PS5 can offer. It’s absolutely gorgeous, with likely the most realistic rendition of New York ever seen in a video game. 

GGRecon - 100

GGRecon – 100

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the triumphant continuation of an already spectacular series that raised the bar of superhero games. While each Spider-Man has been the star of their own game, Spider-Man 2 allows both Peter and Miles to flourish as they take on Kraven, Venom and an entire collection of meticulously crafted villains.

PlayStation Universe - 100

PlayStation Universe – 100

Full of emotional highs that will make you get out of your chair and cheer at the screen in a way that few games have managed to achieve in recent memory, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 represents Insomniac Games operating at the apex of its considerable powers

Screen Rant - 100

Screen Rant – 100

Spider-Man 2 only reinforces the notion that Insomniac Games is one of PlayStation Studios’ more prolific development houses. The balance of gameplay and narrative is intoxicating, and this third entry squashes any issues that plagued the first two games

Gaming Nexus - 100

Gaming Nexus – 100

A stunning achievement both technically and narratively, Spider-Man 2 makes every moment of gameplay feel epic while still delivering a great story with a ton of heart. The creators at Insomniac know and love these characters, and that care manifests both in the quieter moments and in the jaw-dropping cinematic action scenes.

Guardian - 100

Guardian – 100

 It’s a game everyone with a PS5 should experience, augmented by an admirable range of accessibility options to ensure as wide a group of potential players as possible can be Spider-Man. This is what mainstream action adventure video games should be: a big, wholehearted fantasy, invested with rewarding details and loaded with conflict and emotion.

Gfinity - 100

Gfinity – 100

It’s hard to find any small issues frustrating when Spider-Man 2 is such a joy to play. I could swing around as the two friendly neighbourhood superheroes forever without getting bored. For the story to be so spectacular on top of everything is pretty stunning.

Impulsegamer - 100

Impulsegamer – 100

This is a game that is truly bigger and better than the original, and that my friends is saying something. 

Gaming Age - 100

Gaming Age – 100

It’s worth mentioning that if you dug all the optional costume unlocks from the prior game, you’ll be really happy with the variety of options in Spider-Man 2. There’s a host of recognizable outfits from Spider-Man’s history, along with some pretty cool all-new duds for both Peter and Miles, which helps liven up the game even more.

VGC - 100

VGC – 100

Marvel Spider-Man 2 is an incredibly confident sequel and one of 2023’s best games. Incredibly fun to play, fast-paced and full of heart, it takes the best of the Spider-Man lore, and the best of Insomniac’s penchant for excellent gameplay sequences, and combines them for arguably the best Marvel game ever.

The Loadout - 100

The Loadout – 100

Spider-Man 2 is hands-down the best game of the PS5 era so far. It’s visually stunning, narratively brilliant, and somehow manages to improve Insomniac’s already stellar traversal and combat from previous Spidey games. It’s a masterpiece.

Twinfinite - 100

Twinfinite – 100

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is exactly what fans could have hoped for. It brings the trilogy of PlayStation titles home perfectly, and provides an experience any fan of the Spider-Man property will walk away from satisfied. Don’t miss out on what could very well be one of the best games of the year, and one of Insomniac’s best games to date.

WellPlayed - 100

WellPlayed – 100

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a masterful example of passionate game creation, blending a white-knuckle comic book adventure with the beautiful pathos of being human. It is sensational. It is spectacular. It is Spider-Man 2.

Game Spew - 100

Game Spew – 100

Spider-Man is no stranger to adjectives such as “amazing” and “spectacular”, both of which can be applied to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. More than just an accomplished sequel, it’s the best superhero game ever made.

Daily Star - 100

Daily Star – 100

Major set pieces transition seamlessly back-and-forth between cut-scene action, quick-time events and in-game play and it really is a tribute to all things New York, bringing the city to life with minute detail, clever NPC animation and tons of little eye-catching moments to make things feel truly alive.

Digital Campus - 100

Digital Campus – 100

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the ultimate superhero game and an apex of the genre. Insomniac Games deserves its rightful place as PlayStation’s champion, satisfying every requirement to make a spectacle of Sony’s interactive entertainment.

Het Nieuwsblad - 100

Het Nieuwsblad – 100

It’s a blockbuster of the best kind. A popcorn movie where you follow an established storyline, but which is so addictive that you lose track of time

NME - 100

NME – 100

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a confident sequel that tells a bold, emotional story and sets a new standard for superhero games in the process. Across a memorable and challenging campaign, a meaningfully expanded combat system makes set pieces and boss fights sing.

CGMagazine - 100

CGMagazine – 100

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 builds upon its strong foundation to present a captivating narrative and gameplay experience that stands in the franchise’s upper echelon of tales.

Game Informer - 95

Game Informer – 95

Insomniac has nailed that rarest of video game development feats. The team has landed a trilogy of games that all stand strong on their own merits but unite into a sweeping saga made better by experiencing its entirety.

VGames - 95

VGames – 95

Spider-Man 2 is a celebration of all things gaming and a huge win for Insomniac Games, a prime example of how a superhero game should be made. It took everything that made the previous games great and raised them several levels, from the plot, gameplay, world and graphics, and will easily become your new addiction for the next few months.

Atomix - 95

Atomix – 95

Insomniac Games has done it again. Although in effect, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 starts from the already very well-built base of its two predecessors, the way in which it expands things in all departments makes it a must-see game for anyone looking for a great story, amazing graphics, a polished, deep and very fun combat system, as well as an open world that, although systematic, always has something to offer to accentuate the excellent game mechanics that are being presented to us, this with a rhythm that makes letting go of control really difficult.

Variety - 95

Variety – 95

Spider-Man has never soared so high, bringing it home in a title full of heart, high-octane action and vibrant storytelling. This is the definitive superhero game.

Checkpoing Gaming - 95

Checkpoing Gaming – 95

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is an incredibly strong follow-up that really sets the standard when it comes to superhero games. Its story is heartfelt and delivered by a genuinely likable cast of characters, and when it comes to traversal and combat, you won’t find a slicker experience out there.

Carole Quintaine - 95

Carole Quintaine – 95

Spider-Man 2 is a spectacular game! With deep gameplay and its duality between Miles and Peter it offers an experience that is undoubtedly the most incredible in terms of superhero video games. We will highlight a challenge that is perhaps too tough sometimes, but the pleasure is simply enjoyable from start to finish!

JeuxActu - 95

JeuxActu – 95

If the first hours of play lead us to believe that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is just a simple PS5 update of previous episodes, we quickly realize that the game goes much further! More beautiful and more detailed, the game stands out above all for its ultra spectacular staging. The gameplay is also more intense thanks to mechanics that improve the combat system.

Areajugones - 93

Areajugones – 93

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 consigue mejorar en todo a sus anteriores entregas y presenta un juego capaz de contar una historia repleta de momentos increíbles, escenas de acción que nos provocará esas sensaciones tan bonitas que siempre dejan los exclusivos de PlayStation.

Vandal - 93

Vandal – 93

A sequel that raises the bar in a big way with an epic, intense, exciting and very spectacular adventure that no Spider-Man fan should miss.

Meristation - 92

Meristation – 92

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the perfect sequel, the best game from Insomniac Games and a new must-have in the PS5 catalog.

Merlin'in Kazanı (Turkey) - 92

Merlin’in Kazanı (Turkey) – 92

Insomniac Games has again raised the bar in the superhero game genre a little higher. I completed it once for review, but I’m waiting for the day I sit down again to do all the activities and play on a higher difficulty level. Because the game has content worth it. There is also Mysterio, who is my favorite villain.. 

Trusted Reviews - 90

Trusted Reviews – 90

Insomniac Games has again raised the bar in the superhero game genre a little higher. I completed it once for review, but I’m waiting for the day I sit down again to do all the activities and play on a higher difficulty level. Because the game has content worth it. There is also Mysterio, who is my favorite villain.. 

PlayStation LifeStyle - 90

PlayStation LifeStyle – 90

Insomniac’s understanding of Spider-Man is unparalleled in the medium, as evidenced by the empowering and expanded combat mechanics, breathtaking traversal, and narrative that focuses on the heroes in addition to those underneath the mask. The team has mastered its craft and, like Spider-Man, is only getting better with experience.

PlayStation LifeStyle - 90

PlayStation LifeStyle – 90

Insomniac’s understanding of Spider-Man is unparalleled in the medium, as evidenced by the empowering and expanded combat mechanics, breathtaking traversal, and narrative that focuses on the heroes in addition to those underneath the mask. The team has mastered its craft and, like Spider-Man, is only getting better with experience.

Polygon - TBD

Polygon – TBD

There are hints of greater thematic aspirations within Spider-Man 2. Questions about mass incarceration, recidivism, and reintegration into society for formerly incarcerated people; worries about the surveillance state and what we give up when we engage with modern technology.

The Verge - TBD

The Verge – TBD

All of these changes amount to an experience that is subtly improved but, really, not drastically different from its predecessors. Spider-Man 2 mostly knows what worked with the originals, and it enhances that by adding more: more characters, more villains, more ways to get around, and a story with more edge and more twists. It doesn’t fix the sidequest problem, but everything else is better.


In our point of view, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a must-have for any PlayStation 5 user. It’s a natural evolution and improvement in every aspect over its predecessors, with a captivating narrative, unrivaled spectacle, and excellent gameplay.

Insomniac Games has clearly poured their heart and soul into this game, and it shows. The world-building is incredible, the characters are complex and relatable, and the story is both exciting and emotional. The combat is also top-notch, with a wide variety of moves and abilities to master.

Overall, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a masterpiece of a superhero game. It’s everything that fans of the genre could ask for, and more.

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