Motive Studio Forms Community Council for Upcoming Iron Man Game

Motive Studio Forms Community Council for Upcoming Iron Man Game

Motive Studio Forms Community Council for Upcoming Iron Man Game

Motive Studio, which will rebuild Dead Space, has organized another “community council” for its Iron Man game. This community council of Iron Man and Marvel fans will provide game input during development.

Motive Studio said it wants the Iron Man game to accurately portray the character and his setting, and the community council will help. The council will help develop the game’s story, characters, gameplay, and graphics.

Motive Studio hopes the Iron Man game’s community council will succeed like Dead Space’s. Feedback from the Dead Space community council helped devs improve the game. For instance, the creators included gore and violence at the council’s request.

The Iron Man community council is still in production, and Motive Studio has not announced who will serve or how fans can apply. The studio says it will seek Iron Man and Marvel fans with video gaming knowledge.

Including a community council in video game production has many benefits. The council can first offer fan comments on the game. This helps developers make sure fans will like the game.

Second, the community council can boost game excitement. Motive Studio shows it values fan feedback and wants to make a game they’ll love by incorporating them in production.

Third, the community council can promote the game. Council members can promote the game and excite fans by sharing their development experiences.


A community council for the Iron Man game is good news for Marvel and Iron Man fans. It shows that Motive Studio wants to make a character-true, fun game for fans. The community council is another way fans may help create the game and improve it.


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