Nintendo Switch 2 Release Data and Price Leaks

Nintendo Switch 2 Release Data and Price Leaks

A known leaker, SoldierDelta, has revealed that Nintendo’s next console, the Switch 2, will be more expensive and split into two models. The insider also claims that the system will be released later than previously suggested. The source of the rumor is The Snitch, a reputable insider with a track record of credible leaks.

SoldierDelta claims Nintendo will release the Switch 2 on September 24, 2024, with a digital-only model priced at $400, and a standard edition at $50 more. The pricing is subject to change, but the dual-model lineup is set in stone on two separate occasions. He also confirmed rumors about the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 featuring AR features and an OLED display but clarified that the “NG” codename was only given to developers and not Nintendo’s in-house system.

The Switch was code-named NX, with its official name announced in October 2016. A September release is expected, with the console expected to be unveiled in spring 2024, aligning with a recent rumor that the Switch 2 will be official around its predecessor’s seventh anniversary.

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