Online games for children

Online games for Children without downloading

Free online games are a terrific way to relax and have fun with friends and family. These browser-based games need no download. 
But when it comes to games for kids, every parent worries that the games they play will instil good morals and thinking. Gamendly offers the greatest online games for kids without downloading.

Find the best 10 free, browser-based children’s games.

Let’s Discover the top 10 ones

  4. Tank Trouble
  5. Shell Shockers

Online games for children

1. is a fun and addictive internet game. It’s ideal for all ages since it’s easy to learn and play. In, you control a little cell-like figure and compete with other players to grow by eating smaller cells and pellets. Be careful—larger cells may devour you!

The fast-paced game needs strategy and reflexes to prevail. is a browser game that can be played on any internet-connected device. It’s on iOS, Android, and Facebook. In-game purchases might improve the free game. players start as little cells and develop by eating other cells or pellets. Your cell may be directed using your mouse or touchpad and divided into two cells with the spacebar. Eject bulk to feed or distract players. You may challenge other players to become the biggest cell on the board as you develop. FFA, Teams, and Experimental are other game modes. FFA participants battle alone to become the biggest cell.

In “Teams,” two teams compete to be the biggest. Before release, Experimental tests new features and game types. is addictive and exciting for all ages.

For rapid, engrossing online games, it’s simple to learn and fast-paced. is great for playing with buddies.


Since 2016, has been a huge hit online. Gamers control a little snake avatar and must consume bright orbs on the map to expand. The snake must avoid bigger snakes as it develops to avoid losing progress.

A bright orb-surrounded snake avatar starts the game. Consume these orbs to develop the snake. After eating one orb, the snake gets longer and scores more. The snake may collect points by eating other snakes’ orbs as it goes across the map. The player must start again if they touch a bigger snake.

Power-ups also help players. These power-ups may speed up the snake, shield it from other snakes, or blast them away. is addicting and simple to play. Casual players will like its easy controls and vivid visuals. Friends may compete for the highest score!

3. is a simple, addicting game that may keep you entertained for hours. Draw lines around as much area as can to win. Nevertheless, hitting other players’ lines will steal your territory and lower your score. The fast-paced game needs careful strategy.

You choose a username and colour to play. Draw a line from the centre of the map without hitting other players. Drawing spreads colour and area. Scores increase with territory. Bonuses may help you beat other players. Bonuses may boost speed or shelter your region. includes additional modes besides the main game. Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and Team Deathmatch. It keeps the game interesting by having different rules and techniques for each mode. is a funny, excellent match. Everyone may enjoy the fast-paced gameplay and different game types. Why not try?

4. Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble is a fun and difficult online game. Tanks battle in an arena in this game. Your tank must kill all other tanks before they destroy you. The game has exciting combat that need fast thinking and planning.

Tank Trouble’s arena has obstacles and power-ups. Hide behind obstructions to avoid gunfire. Power-ups boost tank health, speed, ammunition, and other attributes. Use these obstacles and power-ups creatively and fast.

Tank Trouble has simple controls. The space bar fires weaponry and the arrow keys manoeuvre your tank. Aim and fire using the mouse. Playing properly and surviving severe combat requires learning the controls.

Tank Battle fans will adore Tank Trouble. It’s simple yet difficult to perfect. The game mixes strategy and action with obstacles and power-ups. Tank Trouble is exciting alone or with pals.

5. Shell Shockers

Eggnut produced online multiplayer first-person shooter Shell Shockers. The 2018 game has gained popularity worldwide. Shell Shockers pits eggs with different weaponry against one other in several game modes.

The 3D game lets users design egg creatures with colours, caps, and accessories. Soldiers, scramblers, and free rangers are available egg classes. Every category has its own abilities and can use shotgun, rifles, and automatic weapons. Team deathmatch, capture the flag, and King of the Hill are all available.

Shell Shockers has several maps and game types, allowing for many techniques and tactics. Customizing controls improves targeting and mobility. A rating system lets players compare their performance to others.

Shell Shockers is an excellent action shooter. Game styles, terrain, and customization possibilities make it a good choice for all levels of players.


The longest snake wins in The goal of the colourful game is to eat as many apples as possible while avoiding other snakes to become the longest.

As longer snakes move quicker, the game is simple to learn but hard to master. Power-ups may also help players win. Power-ups improve snake length, speed, and collision resistance.

More snake skins are updated often. Players may join or create a private room with up to 10 players and choose from Classic, Fast, or Crazy modes. is an addictive mobile and desktop game. The free game is a wonderful way to unwind with friends. entertains all ages with its bright graphics, seamless gameplay, and fast-paced action.


Increasingly popular multiplayer survival game Participants are placed into a map with just their wits and the objective of survival. Players must fight other players while scavenging weapons, armour, and medical supplies.

The game contains swords, axes, bows, and firearms. Players must choose a weapon that matches their playstyle since each has advantages and downsides. Players may also discover armour, medical supplies, and food and beverages.

Each match begins with a random setting with diverse resources and equipment. Each match is unique and promotes different techniques and approaches. A player may opt to acquire weapons early on or medical supplies to heal himself.

Characters may be customised with skins and apparel to stand out. This may be used to blend in or intimidate.

The game needs rapid thinking and reflexes. To outsmart opponents, players must be aware of their surroundings and prepare their tactics.’s strategy-action mix will have gamers on the edge of their seats.


You control a little figure in, a top-down multiplayer online game. The goal is to eliminate your opponents. To achieve this, you must gather power-ups and weapon upgrades and fight other players using different tactics. Fun and hard stages make the game addicting.

It has several characters and weaponry. Character colours, sizes, and weaponry are customizable. Shooting, melee, and special attacks are available. Power-ups and weapon upgrades may help you survive and win.

The game has several modes. Single-player classic mode pits you against computer-controlled opponents. Team mode enables you collaborate with others to reach a goal. Online mode allows you to play with players across the globe. offers hours of fun and challenge. Its unique battle system and huge range of characters, weapons, and levels make it a wonderful time-waster. is exhilarating and fun for solo or group gaming.

9. is a thrilling iOS and Android game. The game involves managing a worm that grows by eating. Avoid other worms and explosives to develop your worm as long as possible. As you go, the game grows harder and needs fast reactions and clever strategy.

It has Classic, Fruit, and Crazy modes. Traditional mode lets you raise a single worm. Fruit mode requires collecting the most fruit before time runs out. Crazy mode is the hardest, with more explosives and worms.

The game is simple yet tough. To avoid obstacles and expand their worm, players must plan their motions. Unlock worm skins and compete in the leaderboards as you go. is a fun, hard, and content-rich game. is fun and replayable with many game modes, unlockable skins, and leaderboards. is a fun, addicting game.

10. is an engaging, free-to-play real-time strategy game where you may construct and command a formidable army. You must defeat international players to dominate the planet. Maps and game types let you tailor your strategy and tactics.

Capture the Flag and Domination are the game modes. Capture the Flag requires capturing and holding a flag. Your army may protect flags around the board. Win Domination by dominating a particular number of areas. To conquer territory, battle other players or computer-controlled armies.

Soldiers, tanks, aircraft, and special units are in the game. Each unit has distinct skills and functions, enabling you to design various tactics to defeat opponents. Research and improve your troops to make them stronger.’s factories and barracks boost your army’s might. Build walls and towers to defend your base from enemies. is enjoyable and difficult for everyone. You’ll never run out of tactics since the game is regularly updated. If you’re looking for a real-time strategy game with lots of depth and replayability, is the perfect game for you!


No-download games are plentiful online. These browser-based games need no download. Most gaming websites also provide additional free games. Online games are more fun since you may compete with someone and set a goal to win. These games are ideal for kids since they motivate them to win, enjoy, and accomplish objectives in real life!

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