Seamless Space Travel in Starfield Is Now Available

Seamless Space Travel in Starfield Is Now Available, Thanks to New Mod

Seamless Space Travel in Starfield Is Now Available

A new mod for Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG Starfield allows smooth space travel. Slower Than Light, built by modder 105gun, allows players to regulate their ship’s speed using hotkeys to travel between worlds without load times.

This simplifies exploration and reduces the need for speedy transit. The mod does not let players land on planets, like No Man’s Sky, although future versions may fix this.

Starfield originally required rapid travel to reach planets and solar systems, which caused long loading screens that broke the immersion.

Starfield has received various quality-of-life updates since its debut earlier this year, including an FOV Slider, an in-game map, and an inventory UI redesign. These modifications have improved the game and are popular among gamers.


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IGN rated Starfield 7 out of 10, although its large roleplaying adventures and compelling gameplay have been acclaimed. Mods like Slower Than Light expand gameplay and let players explore Starfield’s huge world.

This mod expands players’ options for exploring the game’s world. Starfield is more immersive and fun for PC users with smooth space travel.

In Conclusion:

A new Starfield mod allows players travel between planets without loading screens. This simplifies exploring the game’s wide world and enhances the experience.

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