Steam Releases Two Top-Rated Titles for Free, Permanently

Steam Releases Two Top-Rated Titles for Free, Permanently 2023

Steam Frees Two Top-Rated Games Forever Free Steam campaigns have offered two games. Gambling is expensive, so take advantage of freebies. Importantly, both bargains expire on March 9.

Thus, if you’re viewing this after March 9, you’re too late. However, once downloaded, the games are yours to play whenever you choose. Free downloads of entire games. Figment and Black Desert are video games.

Bedtime Digital Games released Figment in 2017 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. The PC version’s “Very Good” user review rating comes from 86% of Steam’s 1600+ user reviews. Black Desert began in 2014 as “Black Desert Online.”

Mobile, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 now support this PC game. 75% of Steam players rated the game “Mostly Positive” after 64,000 reviews.

Steam Releases Two Top-Rated Titles for Free, Permanently


The action-adventure game Figment puts you in control of a bizarre protagonist as you journey through a world rich in music, comedy, and a complex story. Come along with Dusty and his eternally positive pal Piper as they explore the many facets of their minds in search of a way to bring back their lost courage.

Soundtracked action-adventure taking place in the subconscious… Hello, and thank you for visiting Figment. Our minds are strange and fantastical places, full of the different voices we hear and our most private thoughts, urges, and memories.

It’s been years since this mind was last disturbed by anything. Now, though, things seem to be different. From once-dormant ideas, nightmare creatures that spread fear wherever they go have started to come to life. The only chance is for Dusty to find his courage again and help the mind get over its worries.

Go on a journey with Dusty and his always upbeat friend Piper as they explore the many facets of Dusty’s psyche, working together to solve puzzles that will help bring order, defeat Dusty’s nightmares, and find the strength he has lost.

Black Desert Online, an MMORPG with almost 20 million players, is action-packed. Fight formidable global bosses in a fast-paced combat, assault defended strongholds with your friends, and improve your trades and culinary abilities. covers gaming news, trades, rumors, and leaks. In the meanwhile, leave a remark. Given the price decrease, will you download one of these games?

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