The Bluey Xbox has been revealed

The Bluey Xbox has been revealed

Image Credits: XBOX WIRE

The Bluey Xbox has been revealed

Microsoft announced a limited-edition Bluey Xbox Series X system, delighting Bluey lovers. The custom console portrays Bluey, the beloved Australian cattle dog puppy, in her trademark blue. The matching controller features Bluey and her sister Bingo with bright blue highlights, capturing their lively character.

Design and Features

The Bluey Xbox Series X is a collector’s item that showcases Bluey’s creativity. The console’s bright blue color matches Bluey’s energy, and the delicate paw print embellishments add fun. The controller’s Bluey and Bingo design makes it a must-have for Bluey fans.

Sweepstakes & Limited Supply

Limited to one, the Bluey Xbox Series X is highly sought after. Microsoft is holding a sweepstakes to offer fans this rare gaming memorabilia. For the contest, follow Xbox on Twitter and repost the official post before December 13, 2023.

Celebrating Bluey: The Game

Bluey: The Video Game, a new game that immerses players in Bluey’s environment, launches alongside the Xbox Series X. Mini-games, interactive experiences, and familiar show settings make the game fun for all ages.

The Bluey Xbox Series X is more than a console—it represents Bluey’s global appeal. The limited-edition console shows the show’s influence on gaming and its ability to inspire future gamers.

Microsoft and Bluey teamed up to produce the Bluey Xbox Series X, a completely unique and amazing gaming experience. The console will be cherished among Bluey fans and collectors due to its restricted availability and vivid style.

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