The Latest PlayStation Plus Games Are a Letdown

The Latest PlayStation Plus Games Are a Letdown

The Latest PlayStation Plus Games Are a Letdown

Many PlayStation Plus subscribers have called the latest free games the worst of the year. Game titles include Chivalry 2, Grid: Legends, and Descenders. These games aren’t horrible, but they don’t compare to PlayStation Plus games like FromSoftware’s Bloodborne or Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Chivalry 2, a 2021 first-person multiplayer slasher, received mixed reviews. Grid: Legends garnered slightly better reviews than Chivalry 2, but it’s still not a top racing game. Descenders, a 2019 downhill bike racing game, garnered great reviews but may not appeal to everyone.

PlayStation Plus subscribers are understandably unhappy with the latest free games. They pay for a monthly service that guarantees high-quality games. Even if the occasional month of free games is disappointing, PlayStation Plus is still a wonderful deal.

PlayStation Plus users get three free games, unique discounts on games and add-ons, online multiplayer, and cloud storage for saved games. Despite the lackluster complimentary games, PlayStation Plus remains a good deal.


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