Top 10 new PC games for 2023

Top 10 new PC games for 2023

“Top 10 new PC games for 2023”

Games such as these, from big-budget releases like GTA V to charming indies like Rocket League, are still popular across several platforms.

Great PC games are rare. As revealed, there are several. With over 50,000 Steam titles and numerous more platforms, PC gaming has never been better.

Our greatest PC games are playable on all laptops, from gaming to simple. Stop screaming—this is not a list of “all-time greats” or the finest PC games ever. may help find the finest PC games in 202

Top 10 new pc games for 2023

  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • Monster Hunter Rise
  • God of War
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Apex: Legends
  • Overwatch 2
  • Hollow Knight
  • League of Legends
  • Elden Ring

Red Dead Redemption 2

1899, USA. Law enforcement officials pursued and apprehended the remaining criminal organizations, ultimately bringing an end to the era commonly referred to as the Wild West. Individuals deemed unconquerable have been eliminated.

Following a botched heist, the Arthur Morgan-led Van der Linde gang leaves western Blackwater. The group is compelled to engage in robbery, theft, and combat throughout the challenging heartland of America to evade federal agents and the most skilled bounty hunters in the country. Arthur is faced with a dilemma as he must decide between his personal beliefs and his loyalty to the group that raised him, amidst internal conflicts that could potentially divide the gang.

Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van der Linde gang, serves as the main character in the Rockstar Games sequel to a well-liked Western game. Red Dead Redemption 2 immerses players in a perilous environment where outlaws are on the brink of extinction due to the enforcement of law and order, as they traverse the unforgiving fictional American landscape.

The juxtaposition of the gang’s impending demise and their intimate campfire moments imbues Red Dead Redemption with a poignant beauty. Arthur experiences a significant sense of duty to salvage and provide comfort to his entire family, including those who exhibit negative behavior and appear determined to lead the group toward a disastrous outcome.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that will leave a lasting impression on the player for an extended period. This world is rich in detail and character, ranging from serene habitats where renowned animals are observed and herbs are gathered from aged rails to intense moments where the gang launches a desperate retaliation against their adversaries.

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PlayStation 4 and Xbox One reception

Aggregator Score

Review scores

Electronic Gaming Monthly101/10
Game Informer10/10
Giant Bomb5/5

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Insomniac’s initial Spider-Man game showcased dynamic combat and swift web-slinging across the lively avenues of Manhattan, which was unprecedented in the realm of video games. The Miles Morales follow-up is essentially a continuation of this but with enhancements in every aspect.

The supplementary missions, such as the stealthy infiltration of an art gallery as MJ, have been removed, while combat abilities and skills have been enhanced. Additionally, the story has been streamlined to maintain a consistent level of quality throughout.

It is noteworthy that Miles Morales is categorized as a spin-off and consequently shares the same map of Manhattan. However, the game is set during the festive period, which enhances its appeal as one of the best Christmas games due to the presence of snow and festive decorations throughout the game. The narrative centers around Miles’ demonstration of his capabilities as Spider-Man during Peter’s temporary absence, and it is undeniably one of the most exceptional superhero video games available.

After the occurrences depicted in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, the adolescent Miles Morales is acclimating to his new abode while emulating the example of his guide, Peter Parker, as a novel Spider-Man. However, when a formidable power struggle emerges, posing a threat to the protagonist’s newfound abode, he comprehends that possessing great power necessitates great responsibility. In order to preserve the safety of Marvel’s New York, Miles must assume the role of Spider-Man and fully embrace its responsibilities.

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DateAwardCatagory Result
March 25, 2021,British Academy Games AwardsMusicWon
April 16, 2021,Annie AwardsOutstanding Achievement for Character Animation in a Video GameWon
April 22, 2021,D.I.C.E. AwardsOutstanding Achievement in CharacterWon


MetacriticPS4: 84/100
PS5: 85/100
PC: 88/100

Review scores

Electronic Gaming Monthly5/5
Game Informer9/10
PlayStation Official Magazine – UK9/10

Monster Hunter Rise

As you can tell from our Monster Hunter Rise review, the core game is entertaining, but it isn’t until the Sunbreak add-on that the game truly feels finished. What starts as a quest to safeguard your hamlet from marauding beasts ends up being a global quest to thwart terrible beasts bent on wreaking havoc.

Whether you’re playing with others or on your own, taking on these massive animals is an exciting, white-knuckle ride against some of the best-designed bosses ever. Check out our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapon tier list to get started with the greatest weapon if this sounds like your idea of a good time.

Accept the invitation, and enter the quest! Monster Hunter Rise, the next game in the critically acclaimed and financially popular Monster Hunter series, lets you play as a hunter, explore new areas, and fight swarms of dangerous beasts with a variety of weapons. The PC release has aesthetic and performance improvements.

Pick a weapon and display your skills.

Use 14 weapons with pros and cons for close-quarters and long-range warfare. Use the Great Sword to slash fiercely, the Long Sword to kill gracefully, the Dual Blades to create a deadly whirlwind of blades, the Lance to smash adversaries, or the Bow and Bowguns to take potshots from afar. These are just some of the game’s weapon classes. You’ll find one that matches your play style.

Kamura Village’s New Storyline

The people of this peaceful town have always been on edge about the Rampage, a disastrous event in which hordes of monsters descend upon the town at once. Fifty years after the last riot, you and the locals of the village will have to band together to overcome this ordeal.

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MetacriticNS: 88/100
PC: 87/100

Reviews Score

Game Informer7.75/10
Nintendo Life9/10
Nintendo World Report9/10

God of War

North America released God of War on PlayStation 2 on March 22, 2005. Athena sends Kratos, a Spartan soldier who has served the Olympian gods for 10 years, to discover Pandora’s box to stop Ares from spreading devastation in Athens. In flashbacks, we discover that Kratos was Ares’ servant before he became the “Ghost of Sparta,” who saved him and his army but tricked him into murdering his family. After killing Ares, Kratos finds Pandora’s Box and becomes the new God of War on Mount Olympus.

IGN selected the PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War 2018 Game of the Year. However, its quality was independent of the platform on which it was played, and its early 2022 Steam release made it available to a new audience that should check it out.

The plot and action are excellent in this version. It combines its legacy with fresh twists to seem current and interesting. It’s a great PC game now.

God of War: Ragnarok is on PS4 and PS5. 2022’s finest action-adventure game, IGN gave it a perfect 10.

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  • First era
    • God of War
    • God of War II
    • God of War: Betrayal
    • God of War: Chains of Olympus
    • God of War III
    • God of War: Ghost of Sparta
    • God of War: Ascension
  • Second era
    • God of War: A Call from the Wilds
    • God of War Ragnarök
    • Collections and remasters
  • Collections and remaster God of War Collection s
    • God of War: Origins Collection
    • God of War Saga
    • God of War III Remastered

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 optional missions are sad.

Character subtleties made it brilliant. The Bloody Baron will wow you at first. You dislike helping him. Despite his weaknesses, you’ll sympathize with him. It’s a mature, dismal fantasy at its best. The Witcher 3 PC is one of the finest PC games, as our review shows. And 18 Award-winning games, Awards are listed below.

Top 10 new PC games for 2023 - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Two of the finest game add-ons are accessible after the credits. The first add-on, Hearts of Stone, turns a kind person into a ruthless adversary. Blood and Wine pit you against Toussaint vampires. Watching the sunset repeatedly relaxes. Want to improve? If you’re into the series, check out our latest Witcher 4 news or the finest Witcher 3 modifications.

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201331st Golden Joystick AwardsMost WantedWon
201432nd Golden Joystick AwardsMost WantedWon
The Game Awards 2014Most Anticipated GameWon
33rd Golden Joystick AwardsGame of the YearWon
Best Gaming MomentWon
Best StorytellingWon
Best Visual DesignWon
2015The Game Awards 2015Game of the YearWon
Best RPGWon
19th Annual D.I.C.E. AwardsOutstanding Achievement in StoryWon
Outstanding Technical AchievementWon
Outstanding Achievement in Game DesignWon
16th Annual Game Developers Choice AwardsGame of the YearWon
Best TechnologyWon
2016 SXSW Gaming AwardsGame of the Year Won
2016Excellence in Technical AchievementWon
Excellence in Visual AchievementWon
Excellence in NarrativeWon

Apex: Legends

Apex Legends has led battle royale games since February. Apex’s gunplay and mobility are inspired by Respawn’s Titanfall 2, and its character abilities are comparable to Overwatch’s, distinguishing it unique from other shooters. Apex’s natural feel and smoothness are best experienced on a PC.

Apex Arenas, a permanent mode, recreates Valorant’s round-based encounters with 3v3 matches and lets players acquire skills and weapons before each round. Battle Royale games are enjoyable even if you don’t like them. Apex Legends is one of the top free-to-play PC games due to its quarterly updates.

Arsenal joins Apex Legends’ Season 17 on May 9. Ballistic, who retired, will return this season to demonstrate their new Legends his skills.

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1Wild FrontierMarch 19, 2019 – June 18, 2019
2Battle ChargeJuly 2, 2019 – October 1, 2019
3MeltdownOctober 1, 2019 – February 4, 2020
4AssimilationFebruary 4, 2020 – May 12, 2020
5Fortune’s FavorMay 12, 2020 – August 18, 2020
6BoostedAugust 18, 2020 – November 4, 2020
7AscensionNovember 4, 2020 – February 2, 2021
8MayhemFebruary 2, 2021 – May 4, 2021
9LegacyMay 4, 2021 – August 3, 2021
10EmergenceAugust 3, 2021 – November 2, 2021
11EscapeNovember 2, 2021 – February 8, 2022
12DefianceFebruary 8, 2022 – May 10, 2022,
13SaviorsMay 10, 2022 – August 9, 2022,
14HuntedAugust 9, 2022 – November 1, 2022,
15EclipseNovember 1, 2022 – February 14, 2023,
16RevelryFebruary 14, 2023 – May 9, 2023,
17ArsenalMay 9, 2023 – August 8, 2023,

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is a logical continuation of the original. Our evaluation shows that OW2’s free-to-play shift hasn’t gone smoothly, despite its improved gameplay.

In 2016, hero shooters switched from 6v6 to 5v5, opening maps, allowing more individual plays, and simplifying the action. It’s a great job that synthesizes Blizzard and industry knowledge on keeping people engaged.

Fan creations highlight gifs and new skins are visible without checking in. Overwatch became a cultural icon overnight. Our greatest heroes are on Overwatch’s 2-tier ranking.

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MetacriticPC: 79/100
PS5: 81/100

Review scores

Game Informer9/10
Nintendo Life7/10
PC Gamer (US)74/100
Push Square8/10
The Guardian4/5

Hollow Knight

In terms of contemporary Metroidvanias, Hollow Knight is among the best. It’s visually stunning, has plenty of room to explore, and hides many fun surprises that will keep you occupied for a long time. Many players are put off by the fact that Hollow Knight doesn’t gently introduce them to Hallowest, but the game quickly becomes tough to put down once they’re hooked.

There are exciting bosses to fight and substantial power-ups to make you stronger, no matter which way you travel through its vast caves. Since its release in early 2017, Hollow Knight has continued to grow in popularity. Team Cherry released many free patches that made the game’s portions and bosses more challenging. Whether you only want to see the credits roll, find out what happens in the real world, or journey further into Hallowest, you won’t regret it.

It’s expected that Hollow Knight: Silksong will be released before June 2023.

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Year Award CategoryResult
2017Australian Screen Sound Guild 2017Best Sound For Interactive MediaWon
2018Australian Games AwardsIndependent Game of the YearWon
Australian Developed Game of the YearWon
2019National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers AwardsDesign, New IPWon


MetacriticPC: 87/100
NS: 90/100
PS4: 85/100
XONE: 89/100

Review scores

Nintendo Life9/10
Nintendo World Report10/10
PC Gamer (US)92/100
PC PowerPlay8/10

League of Legends

The best MOBA is debatable, but League of Legends is a good start. The game has been a global hit since its 2009 release. Over 100 million players played at its height.

Top 10 new PC games for 2023 - League Of Legends

League of Legends is easier than Dota 2 and harder than Heroes of the Storm. It also evolves. The game stays fresh with new champions. Top League of Legends heroes have unique traits. Whether one likes deities, buccaneers, or aliens, there’s a way to enjoy the game.

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Review scores

GameSpot6/10 (2009)
9/10 (2013)
GameSpy 4/5
IGN8/10 (2009)
9.2/10 (2014)
PC Gamer (US)82/100

Elden Ring

Elden Ring, already one of the best-reviewed games of all time, has earned a lot of notoriety since its debut a few months ago. Elden Ring, an open-world masterpiece, deserves praise.

This game’s enormous globe offers unforgettable adventures, significant prizes, and challenging boss encounters. Its PC performance is its only drawback. However, it remains a solid candidate for our top five PC games of all time.

Elden Ring is a top-rated game. IGN and The Game Awards named it Game of the Year.

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March 30, 2023,British Academy Games AwardsMultiplayerWon
Original PropertyWon
February 24, 2023D.I.C.E. AwardsGame of the YearWon
Outstanding Achievement in Game DirectionWon
Outstanding Achievement in Game DesignWon
Role-Playing Game of the YearWon
Outstanding Technical AchievementWon
September 5, 2022,Dragon AwardsBest Science Fiction or Fantasy PC / Console GameWon
March 18, 2023,Famitsu Dengeki Game AwardsGame of the YearWon
Best GraphicsWon
March 23, 2023,Game Audio Network Guild AwardsBest Main ThemeNominated
December 10, 2020,Most Anticipated GameWon
December 9, 2021,Most Anticipated GameWon
December 8, 2022,The Game AwardsGame of the YearWon
Best Game DirectionsWon
Best Art DirectionallyWon
Best Role Praying GameWon
March 22, 2023,Game Developers Choice AwardsGame of the YearWon
Best DesignWon
Best Visual ArtWon
August 27, 2021,GamescomBest of GamescomWon
Most WantedWon
Best Sony PlayStation GameWon
Best Action Adventure Game Won
Best Role Playing GameWon
November 23, 2021,Golden Joystick AwardsMost Wanted GameWon
November 22, 2022,Best Visual DesignWon
Best Multiplayer GameWon
Critics’ Choice AwardWon
September 15, 2022,Japan Game AwardsGrand AwardWon
Award for ExcellenceWon
May 15, 2023,Nebula AwardsBest Game WritingWon
January 17, 2023,New York Game AwardsBig Apple Award for Best Game of the YearWon
Statue of Liberty Award for Best WorldWon
January 3, 2023,The Steam AwardsGame of the YearWon
Best Game You Suck AtWon
March 11, 2023,The Streamer AwardsStream Game of the YearWon


MetacriticPC: 94/100
PS5: 96/100
XSXS: 96/100

Review scores

Easy Allies9.5/10
Game Informer10/10
Hardcore Gamer5/5
PC Gamer (US)90/100
The Guardian5/5

That Thats it for the Top 10 New Pc Games for 2023, with their winning awards listed and storylines mentioned so you can choose according to your own taste, For more and the latest news about gaming Visit

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