Top 15 best games for android

Top mobile games in the world 2023

The Google Play Store gives Android users several entertainment alternatives. These games are visually and interactively great. Several games in many genres feature outstanding visuals and art styles and are pleasant to play alone or with others.

Shooters, RPGs, platformers, races, puzzlers, strategy games, and more were selected from the Play Store. At least one of the titles on this list should satisfy your gaming requirements.

We’ve listed the top 15 Google Play Store games to help you discover the greatest Android games.

And these are the most played game in the world according to their downloads,

Let’s discover the 15 top mobile games in the world!

Top 15 Mobile Games in the World

Game NameDownloads
Grena Free Fire: Winterlands1B+
Candy Crush1B+
Temple Run500M+
Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10100M+
Modern Combat 5: Mobile FPS100M+
Cover Fire: Fun Shooting Games100M+
Asphalt 9: Legends100M+
Pokemon Go100M+
Asphalt 8 – Car Racing Game100M+
Need for Speed™ No Limits100M+
World War Heros – WW2 PvP FPS100M+
Real Racing 3100M+
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars100M+
Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime100M+
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Grena Free Fire: Winterlands

Free Fire, a top survival shooter, is now mobile. Each round, you spend 10 minutes on an island with 49 other players fighting to survive.

Gamers choose where to drop their parachute and try to stay in the safe zone. Utilize vehicles to navigate the enormous terrain, or hide in the woods by crouching or proning beneath shrubs or rifts.

The main goal is to survive and ambush, snipe, or survive.

This Play Store game is free. Therefore, get it from the Play Store and enjoy.


  • The Game Features Several Different Playing Modes.
  • It’s possible to play with a group or solo.
  • A real-time strategy game of epic proportions.
  • Having access to a wide variety of weapons and equipment.
  • There are numerous environments and maps to explore throughout the game.
  • High Graphics and smooth to play.

Further Information:

Developers 111dots Studio
Release DateDecember 4, 2017
Rating 4.5☆

Candy Crush

Start playing Candy Crush Saga, a classic puzzle game loved by millions. Swap and match candies to progress in this tasty puzzle adventure.

Solve tasks to get candies and beautiful waterfalls.

Candy Crush requires matching candies of the same colour and taste to clear the board and advance. Unlike the original game, the sweets moves higher to provide the player another gameplay choice.

This Play Store game is free. Therefore, get it from the Play Store and enjoy.


  • Find yourself in the most mouthwatering settings and interact with the most endearing people.
  • Easy & Free to play.
  • Invites your friends and get life from friends.
  • Easy download from the Play Store.

Further Information:

Developers KING
Release DateApril 12, 2012
Rating 4.5☆


Mobile gamers will love this MMORPG. Shooters should play PUBG Mobile.
Gather your squad and come to PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS to experience Battle Royale like never before. Android lets players play their favourite console games for free on the road.

Patch 2.3, which introduces a new multimap and a variety of decorative and cosmetic-based prizes for dedicated players, will help Lionel Messi win the Global Chicken Cup. The November 23 Version 2.3 Update will provide more Messi goods and apparel.

PUBG Mobile is the best mobile multiplayer game. Participate, arm, and win. Classic Mode, Payload, the frenetic 4 vs. 4 Arena, and the horrifying Infection Mode let you defend yourself against up to 100 players.

It’s survival. Stay alive. Take jobs and fire away.

DevelopersLightspeed & Quantum, Tencent Games, PUBG Corporation
Release DateMarch 19, 2018
Rating 4.4☆

Temple Run

The long-awaited sequel captivated the world. Temple Run’s billion-plus downloads revolutionised mobile gaming.

Temple Run 2 has all the fun from the original game and more. the Android smartphone to run left or right, leap, or slip.

Temple Run is a great Android touch game.


  • High Graphics.
  • More achievements.
  • Play as 7 other characters.
  • Each character has unique abilities.
  • Amazingly entertaining; I must do it again; the possibilities are practically unlimited.

Further Information:

DevelopersImangi Studios
Release DateAugust 4, 2011
Rating 4.1☆

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10

Real winners desire to win by whatever means.

Season 10 brings elite football players, new venues, operators, and weaponry to the battlegrounds. Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 will include playable operators Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., and Paul Pogba to coincide with the FIFA World Cup in Qatar on November 20.

Your phone has everything. Test Multiplayer and Battle Royale!

This Play Store game is free. Therefore, get it from the Play Store and enjoy.


  • With the new Left-handed Tactical option, players no longer need to switch hands when throwing (MP only).
  • The addition of the Enemy Tactical Scope Flash allows players to be notified by the light from an enemy sniper’s scope.
  • Melee Weapon Adsorption, a melee weapon with the absorption effect of a sprint, has been added for more convenient close-range combat.

Further Information:

DevelopersActivision, Tencent Games, Timi Studio Group
Release DateOctober 1, 2019
Rating 4.2☆

Modern Combat 5: Mobile FPS

Join the battle in the breakthrough first-person shooter that sets the bar for realistic graphics, powerful weaponry, and thrilling online multiplayer. Create a team with friends using one of the 11 classes and battle in dynamic arenas or Battle Royale mode against gamers from across the globe.

Visuals are great since Gameloft made it. Unlike other first-person shooters, there are few add-ons.

Play the thrilling campaign and save the kingdom by avoiding and eliminating the danger.

This Play Store game is free. Therefore, get it from the Play Store and enjoy it.


Developers Gameloft, Gameloft Bucharest
Release DateJuly 21, 2014

Cover Fire: Fun Shooting Games

In Cover Fire, a first-person shooter, players command a team of troops to fight Tetracorp, a global company that has invaded numerous countries, enslaved their people, and stolen their resources. Our heroic misfits will halt things before they get out of hand.

Enjoy a top mobile shooting game offline and online. Command the battlefield and flourish as a sniper.

Cover Fire is a top FPS.

Sniper First-Person-Shooter Games is new. You must eliminate your enemies before time runs out. Fast-firing to beat the clock Every victim you murder gives you three seconds to survive.

This Play Store game is free. Therefore, get it from the Play Store and enjoy.


DevelopersGenera Games, 1MB Band
Release DateMarch 29, 2017

Asphalt 9: Legends

The Around the World Season allows you to learn about the motor racing industry in seven different countries. Turn any Wild Cards into any Blueprints you like.

 In this game, you may experience the rush of gravity-defying races on 186 different circuits spread across 14 different real-world places like San Francisco, Cairo, and Osaka. Try to outrun massive tornadoes in the American wilderness and stay ahead of avalanches in the Himalayas.

You can race against the computer or up to three other players in local split-screen multiplayer mode. Jump on the internet to compete in Daily Events, Club Races, and Multiplayer Races with up to eight other players.

This game is available on the Play Store without any cost. So, you can download it from the Play Store and enjoy it.


DevelopersGameloft, Gameloft lberica S.A.U
Release DateJuly 26, 2018

Pokemon Go

You can now engage in online Pokémon battles with other players! Today is the day to try out the GO Battle League.

Explore the world alongside Trainers from all over as they uncover Pokémon locations. All throughout the world, people are obsessed with Pokémon GO.

Best Mobile Game at the Game Developers’ Choice Awards and Best App of the Year at the TechCrunch Awards, with over 100 million downloads.

To assist you in your search for the best Android games, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten most popular titles available on the Google Play Store. So, you can download it from the Play Store and enjoy it.


DevelopersNiantic, Inc.
Release DateJuly 6, 2016

Asphalt 8 – Car Racing Game

One of the most intense Android racing games.

Asphalt 8, Gameloft’s newest Asphalt game, has over 300 licensed cars and motorbikes, 75 courses, plus online and offline play. Real physics governs all vehicle-scenery-track interactions. Around 50 gravity-defying circuits provide high-speed racing. This Play Store game is free.

  • Amazing results for automobiles: Do crazy stunts like barrel rolls and 360-degree jumps during races.
  • Customization: There are a wide variety of customization options available for your vehicles.

With 400 career events, 1500+ automobile mastery challenges, 6 play types, and several valuable cars. Nonstop single-player content!

We’ve listed the top 10 Google Play Store games to help you find the finest Android games. Therefore, get it from the Play Store and enjoy.


Release DateAug 22, 2013

Need for Speed™ No Limits

Following in the footsteps of “NFS: Most Wanted” and “NFS: Underground,” Need for Speed No Limits is a 3D racing game optimized for touchscreen controls. Experience every crucial turn with the help of high-speed Nitro Zones. One can pick from more than a thousand difficult competitions. The streets, the mountains, and a good portion of the world! 

Put the rivals in their place, boost your reputation, and then dive headfirst into even more races, more alterations, and more vehicles. Take action and don’t look back.

 Need for Speed™ No Limits, the original and best Need for Speed Game is now available for free in the App Store. So, you can download it from Play Store and enjoy it.


Developers Firemonkeys Studios, Criterion Game
Release DateSeptember 30, 2015
Rating 4.3☆

World War Heros – WW2 PvP FPS

Heroes of the second world war

  • Engage in wild online warfare reminiscent of World War II with people from all over the world!
  • Fight and eliminate the enemy in the heart of Berlin and other cities using tanks.
  • Take part in team and deathmatch combat, fire rockets, and protect them.

Several games modes:

  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Custom Games


  • 7 infamous WWII battlegrounds
  • All-American, Soviet, Japanese, and German military hardware in four varieties
  • Over a half-dozen categories of firearms, including handguns, rifles, machine guns
  • There are six different game modes available, plus a seventh called Custom Games in which you can set your own guidelines. Use your own tank in battle.
  • You get to decide how the game is played. Make a room, call in some favors, and watch the fight.

Further Information:

DevelopersAZUR Games
Release DateJuly 4, 2017
Rating 4.5☆

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 has set a new standard for mobile racing games.

It allows in-app purchases. Prevent in-app transactions using your phone’s settings.

This app contains third-party content. Electronic Arts does not own those assets.

Real Racing 3 is free to download and play, but to get the most out of it, we’ll have to pay for extra content. This may not seem like a problem at first, but this game may cost more than other similar games over time.

It’s fun with great graphics. Tracks and cars are detailed. Racing on real courses enhances immersion.

We’ve listed the top 10 Google Play Store games to help you find the finest Android games. Therefore, get it from the Play Store and enjoy.


DevelopersFiremonkeys Studios
Release DateFebruary 28, 2013
Rating 4.2☆

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

Kingdom Wars for Android is a popular strategy game. A powerful stronghold, a huge army, and an assault will defeat the enemy.

Lords Mobile, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), with gorgeous 3D visuals, a vast cast of playable characters, and intense, fast-paced conflicts where you must show your mettle as the game’s eponymous Lord. Get Lords Mobile for Android today for endless pleasure.

Only a real hero or Ruler can unite the Kingdoms. In this enchanting country, recruit dwarves, mermaids, dark elves, and steampunk robots to fight. Conquer an empire in a strategy game.

This Play Store game is free. Therefore, get it from the Play Store and enjoy.


  • Accumulate Relics
  • Animated Fights
  • Make Friends and Allies
  • Fight it out with the world’s best in an online arena
  • Troupes should form formations when fighting.

Further Information:

DevelopersI Got Games
Release DateFebruary 26, 2016
Rating 4.3☆

 Gangster Vegas

Gangstar Vegas is Gameloft’s open-world action game. Gangstar Vegas puts players in charge of a Sin City gang, battling for territory and power in a violent open world.

Las Vegas-based third-person shooter. Play a rising MMA star. If you liked San Andreas, Gangstar Vegas will look fantastic and be thrilling, but it’s not as excellent.

The Gangster Vegas game is available on the Google Play Store.  So, you can download it from the Play Store and enjoy it.


Release DateJune 7, 2013
Rating 4.4☆


In conslusion, we can say the games that are given are the most downloaded games on android and these all games are available on Google Playstore. These games are most downloaded and you can say that these games are most played on mobile devices and thsee are the most high graphics games for android.

Hope you would like the given informatiom and im glad if its helpful for you!

Gamendly, Explore The gaming World!

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