Web3 Game Studio InfiniGods Releases First game, InfiniMerge

Web3 Game Studio InfiniGods Releases First game, InfiniMerge

Web3 Game Studio InfiniGods Releases First game, InfiniMerge, As a Web3 title, InfiniMerge incorporates features like digital collectibles and play-to-own prizes into its otherwise traditional gameplay and narrative.

/PRNewswire/ — January 20, 2023 — AUSTIN, Texas. Creators of InfiniGods, a free-to-play merging game set in an ancient Greek world with an emphasis on building and adventure, also announced the public debut of the game today.


InfiniMerge, Web3 Game Studio InfiniGods Releases First game, InfiniMerge

InfiniGods’ first game, InfiniMerge, came out last year. The company was backed by investors like Pantera Capital, Framework Ventures, and Animoca Brands. Owen O’Donoghue, who used to be the director of games at Facebook, and Damon Gura, who used to be the CEO and board member of DGN Games, started InfiniGods together.

Since leaving beta, InfiniMerge has attracted over 1,000 players, maintaining a remarkable retention rate of over 40% on day one and 10% on The people who made InfiniGods have seen retention rates that are much higher than those of other puzzle games. er 40% on day one and 10% on day seven.

The developers behind InfiniGods have seen significantly higher retention rates compared to other puzzle games. They’ve also seen that NFT holders are more dedicated players than those without them.

Inspired by popular casual puzzle games like Candy Crush, Triple Town, and City Block, InfiniMerge offers a new perspective on the genre. Through InfiniMerge, gamers may experience brand-new challenges based on the myths and heroes they’ve come to know and love.

Damon Gura, co-founder, and CEO of InfiniGods explains why InfiniMerge blends the accessibility and simplicity of merging games with Web3 features like digital collectibles and play-to-own prizes.

We believe that Web3 gaming will succeed if games are enjoyable and easily accessible;e, therefore, that’s what we set out to provide with InfiniMerge.

According to preliminary data, gamers who purchased NFTs during InfiniGods’ recent Elder Gods NFT drop to enjoy a better rate of return than those who did not. Over the course of two weeks, these gamers have used their “God Powers” more than 2,000 times in the InfiniMerge universe, and that number is only expected to rise as more players learn the true worth of their digital valuable players can create their own followers, which provide them with in-game bonuses that they can use or trade with other players.rs. More than a hundred non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been created and traded in the game’s in-game, player-driven economy in the first two weeks.

Web 3.0

Web3 gaming’s instantaneous feedback loop is a distinct advantage, and InfiniMerge takes full advantage of it. Thanks to a dedicated Discord support channel, the InfiniGods team has been able to quickly fix issues raised by the player base and adopt other suggestions.

“It may take weeks, months, or even years for developers to incorporate player feedback into a Web2 game. With the advent of Web3 technology, we can rapidly iterate on games based on players’ immediate feedback, which is a big boon to fostering a sense of community in the metaverse “said Owen O’Donoghue.

As the developers of InfiniMerge put it, “detailed input from InfiniMerge players has helped us to swiftly enhance gaming, and we look forward to exploiting this killer feature to continue updating the user experience.”

By selecting one popular project per calendar quarter to be produced into an interactive, playable experience on InfiniMerge by utilizing their current assets, InfiniGods has just introduced Community Merge as a means of further engaging a varied community of Web3 gamers. Wolf Game is the first playable level in the Community Merge mode.

InfiniGods creates engaging, free-to-play Web3 games focusing on mythology and ancient cultures. The company’s goal is to increase player-owned content and commerce in Web3 games, making them more widely available and appealing to more people.

Simply by taking part and leveling up, players of InfiniGods are able to acquire valuable in-game rewards like power-ups and boosts. Limited quantities of digital collectibles provide special challenges and special rewards in games.

Please click here to see the InfiniMerge website. You may play it on your computer, and later this year, we’ll add support for mobile devices.

About InfiniGods

Web3 Game Studio InfiniGods Releases First game, InfiniMerge, About InfiniGods 2023

InfiniGods, established in 2022, is a blockchain gaming studio that offers a variety of enjoyable free-to-play Web3 games based on legends and civilizations of the past. Created by industry professionals, InfiniGods lowers the bar to entry for casual gamers and fosters an ecosystem where players’ assets are portable between the games in the platform’s catalog, thus realizing blockchain’s full potential. Go to infinigods.com if you want to know more.

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