With Windows 11, you may enjoy Instant Games without download them

With Windows 11, you may enjoy Instant Games without download them

With Windows 11, you may enjoy Instant Games without download them

Windows users can play new games without downloading them with Windows 11. On Windows devices, “Instant Games,” an intriguing new feature, will let consumers try games.

The preview version of the new functionality may be included in a Microsoft Store update. It will coincide with Windows 23H2, which is due in weeks.

Google Play Instant’s Instant Play functionality seems to work similarly to the new Instant Games. For Android and Windows, the “Instant” feature lets you play a new supported game without downloading or installing it, giving you immediate enjoyment. Not surprisingly, Instant Play requires games to be smaller than 15MB on Android. Did Windows Instant Games work similarly? Most likely.

According to Microsoft consumer marketing director Yusuf Mehdi’s blog post, Instant Games is a new and simple method to play your favorite casual games on Windows through the Microsoft Store. What’s nice is that you may play right away without downloading and installing games on Windows. We’ve partnered with game publishers to bring you this thrilling casual game.

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Microsoft has not revealed the Instant Games offerings. However, Hearts, Minesweeper, and certain 1980s 8-bit games may be included. Only time will tell.

Additionally, Microsoft will provide the option to pick disks and locations for game installation to the Microsoft Store app. Microsoft said it would launch later this month.

More detailes, according the  Pradeep Viswav blog post Microsoft also annouced the improvements coming to the Microsoft store:

Windows 11 users will finally have the option to select specific drives and locations for game installations, keeping their library organized.

Windows 11 users can now easily explore Game Pass subscriptions, discover the latest games and offers with a new page in the Microsoft Store on Windows.

Microsoft is redesigning collections, enabling performance improvements, and providing richer search engine results on the Apps webpage in the Microsoft Store, offering users new ways to discover more content on their Windows device.

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