Xbox Deal Offers Award-Winning Game $1.49

Xbox Deal Offers Award-Winning Game $1.49

Xbox Deal Offers Award-Winning Game $1.49, Xbox has been holding a sale that has made a variety of popular games available at discounted prices. One of the games featured in this sale is “AER Memories of Old.”

We’ll discuss why this award-winning game is worth playing and how Xbox’s sale is a great chance to enjoy it.

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Xbox Deal Offers Award-Winning Game $1.49


AER Memories of Old” is an adventure game developed by Forgotten Key and published by Daedalic Entertainment. The game’s protagonist, Auk, transforms into a bird and explores a world filled with ancient ruins and mysterious temples.

AER Memories of Old, Xbox Deal Offers Award-Winning Game $1.49

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The game’s unique art style, engaging narrative, and mesmerizing soundtrack have earned it numerous awards, including the IndieCade Europe 2017 Audience Choice Award.


Xbox One, Series S, and Series X users may grab an award-winning game for $1.49 for a limited time. The offer expires March 13. The game will cost $14.99 again when the $13.50 deal expires.

AER: Memories of the Past works with earlier Xbox platforms.

Forgotten Key and Daedalic Entertainment created the adventure and exploration game AER Memories of Old.

The game’s Steam website lists many minor awards from 2017. 2017 Aggie Awards Best Animation. 80% of players like it.

The official game description is, “The gods of old are forgotten, lost in the events that shattered the planet, leaving only fragments of islands in the sky.

This amazing planet with a huge sky, lovely islands, and ancient ruins faces darkness. You must visit the Land of Gods as one of the last shapeshifters. Learn reality-coping techniques.”

On Sale

Xbox’s sale has made “AER Memories of Old” available for just $1.49. The offer expires March 13. The game will cost $14.99 again when the $13.50 deal expires.

Why You Should Play “AER Memories of Old”

Play “AER Memories of Old” for many causes. Its unique visual design and mesmerizing soundtrack quickly immerse you. Second, the game’s storyline goes into problems of self-discovery, recollection, and loss, making for a voyage that is both intellectually interesting and emotionally touching.

Ultimately, the game’s puzzle-solving and study of gaming themes are gratifying and hard.

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