Xbox rivals believe that the Activision Blizzard merger would harm competition

Xbox rivals believe that the Activision Blizzard merger would harm competition

Xbox rivals believe that the Activision Blizzard merger would harm competition, Gamendly provides you with the best and most accurate information, Let’s discover the meeting of UK Regulators.

The UK regulator has summarised the results of six meetings it conducted with Xbox competitors as part of its examination into the planned Activision Blizzard takeover.

According to the CMA, these six businesses are “console gaming services or cloud gaming services” and are thus competitors or prospective competitors.

There are six companies total, and three of them think Microsoft’s proposed purchase of Activision Blizzard would hurt competition if it were to go through. Although two businesses were certain it wouldn’t be harmful, a third thought it was premature to draw any conclusions.

Three Companies Point Of View

Xbox rivals believe that the Activision Blizzard merger would harm competition

One company claimed that gamers of Call of Duty are very picky about the game’s quality, making the game’s console versions more appealing to them. They also pointed to Microsoft’s choice to make Bethesda games Xbox-exclusive as evidence that the corporation will take a similar approach here. This is similar to arguments PlayStation has made before.

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Some of the companies mentioned the growing need for “multi-game subscription services,” with one even going so far as to say that Microsoft has already established itself as the market leader in this sector.

The vast majority of businesses have identified game streaming as a developing sector, the future of which will be determined by factors like latency, bandwidth, and infrastructure. Some of the research’s respondents “expressed optimism that these difficulties would be overcome and that cloud gaming will become a substantial business,” while other respondents “characterized cloud gaming as currently technically feasible and an existing market,” according to the report.

Five of the firms cited AAA content as a key component to cloud gaming’s success. Some of these organizations singled out Activision’s contributions as particularly noteworthy. It was claimed by one firm that [Activision’s] games were essential to the success of their planned cloud gaming service.

Last but not least, two businesses raised worries about the effects on competition if Activision Blizzard’s games and studios were integrated into Microsoft’s larger portfolio, which includes Windows OS, Azure, Xbox, and Game Pass.

In Conclusion

Finally, Microsoft has defended its purchase of Activision Blizzard, stating that it will boost video game competition and innovation despite opponents’ concerns. Since the regulatory review is ongoing, the purchase’s approval and impact on the video game industry are unknown. We’ll keep you updated on the deal’s progress and results!

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