Best 5 Esports Tournaments looking forward in 2023

Top 5 Esports Tournaments Anticipating 2023, After two weeks, the 2023 e-sports schedule is taking shape. CS: GO, League of Legends, VALORANT, and more will have intriguing events this year.

These programs will stream live. These are the only major events with definite dates and locations. More will be announced later in the year. More important events may occur before the year’s end.

Esports has grown tremendously in the previous two decades. Now, let’s look at some of 2023’s most anticipated esports events. This article lists the top five 2023 esports events, including dates, locations, prize pools, and projected teams.

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Fortnite World Cup

Best 5 Esports Tournaments looking forward in 2023

Fortnite’s biggest tournament is the World Cup. The tournament’s $30 million prize fund draws the world’s best players.

Date and Venue:

Fortnite World Cup 2023 will be held in July. The final schedule isn’t out yet. Multiple rounds of competition are expected over many days.

The 2023 Fortnite World Cup site is unknown. The tournament shifted to New York City’s Arthur Ashe Stadium before then. The 2023 tournament’s site is unknown, however the US may host again.

Prize Pool and Participants:

Fortnite World Cup prize pool exceeds $30 million. Cutters get $50,000. Both Solo Stage and Duo Stage winners get $3 million. High scores share the leftover cash.

Online contests throughout the year determine who gets into the Fortnite World Cup. Only regional champions compete. Last event attendees came from Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania.

Format and Conclusion:

Fortnite World Cup solo and duet categories. 100 soloists and 50 duos perform. Wins and defeats earn standings points.

The winners of each round will compete for the ultimate prize in the finals. The Grand Finals winner will have the most points.

Fortnite World Cup competitions include individual and team. 100 soloists and 50 duos compete.

Wins and defeats earn standings points.
Round winners will battle for the big prize. The person or team with the most tournament points wins the Grand Finals, a best-of-six series.

Dota 2 – The International 2023

Best 5 Esports Tournaments looking forward in 2023 - Dota 2 - International 2023

Dota 2 dominates the expanding esports business. The International draws Dota 2 players from across the globe. This article covers the International 2023 location, prize money, format, and top teams.

Date and Venue:

Dota 2: The International 2023 has a date and place. Shanghai will host the 2023 event from August 18th to 27th. Valve Corporation hosts this Dota 2 tournament annually. The International is the biggest competition in esports and has the biggest prize pool. Esports and Dota 2 enthusiasts can’t wait.

2023 International and its fantastic matchups.

Overview and location of The International 2023

The International attracts the world’s greatest Dota 2 players each year. Dota 2 developer Valve hosts the event. The International has been the world’s top esports competition since 2011. Dota 2’s digital products sales fund The International’s large prize pool. Fans watch the world’s best Dota 2 players compete live or online.

Shanghai hosts The International in 2023. Shanghai, China’s biggest metropolis, is famous for its architecture, history, and vibrant lifestyle. China boasts one of the biggest Dota 2 communities, and the city has a significant esports culture. China has hosted The International before, and its esports fans are among the most passionate.

Prize Pool and Format for The International 2023

The International 2023 will likely reward more than $40 million, which was granted in 2019. Dota 2 profits from merchandise sales. International Prize money Sales increase reward value. The International’s world-record prize pool attracts the top players.

The International 2023 will likely follow the 2020 schedule. The competition has a preliminary and final round. Two groups play once in the group stage. The top teams in each group advance to the main draw’s upper bracket, while the remainder participate in the lower draw. A two-round, elimination tournament’s final round is best-of-five.

Top Teams to Watch

The best Dota 2 teams in the world gather every year for the chance to win The International, a tournament renowned for its intense rivalry. At The International 2023, these are some of the best teams you should keep an eye on:

Team Secret, Evil Geniuses, PSG. LGD

Europe-based Team Secret is a top Dota 2 team. Their inventive play and well-coordinated squad have won Dota 2 Majors.

Evil Geniuses won the 2015 International. They’re known for their fury and seasoned core.

The Chinese Dota 2 team PSG.LGD has had recent success. Their dominance in the Dota 2 Major rankings shows their brilliance.

Valorant – Valorant Champions Tour Seoul 2023

Valorant – Valorant Champions Tour Seoul 2023

Valorant, an exciting first-person shooter, has dominated esports. The game became a competitive gaming standard after its 2020 release.

The best teams from across the world play in the Valorous Champions Tour for a portion of a multi-million dollar prize pool and bragging rights. This essay details the thrilling Valorant Champions Tour Seoul 2023.

Date and Venue:

Seoul will host the Valorant Champions Tour in early May 2023. The tournament’s dates are unknown. The event will be held in the 11,000-person Jamsil Arena.

This venue has the expertise to provide viewers a great esports experience, whether they’re there in person or watching online.

The Valorant Champions Tour Seoul 2023, one of the Champions stage’s last stops, promises to be an exciting and high-energy concert spectators won’t want to miss.

Valorant Champions Tour and Seoul 2023

What is the Valorant Champions Tour? The Valorant Champions Tour’s three divisions—Challengers, Masters, and Champions—will include the world’s greatest treasures. Regional teams compete to progress in each step.

Best teams compete internationally. The top teams in points will play in the Champions tournament at the conclusion of the year to determine the greatest Valorant team in the world.

Seoul will host Valorant Champions Tour 2023 in May. In the Champions stage’s final competition, the world’s greatest Valorant teams will battle for the crown. The huge indoor Jamsil Arena will host the tournament.

The Valorant Champions Tour Seoul 2023 will include 16 world-class teams. These teams won Challengers and Masters. Eight teams will be seeded into four groups of four, with the top two from each group qualifying for the playoffs. Each team will fight in a single-elimination tournament to win Valorant Champions Tour Seoul 2023.

Prize Pool and Conclusion:

Not much is known about the Valorant Champions Tour Seoul 2023’s prize pool at the moment. A multi-million dollar prize pool is at stake, making this one of the biggest Valorant esports tournaments ever.

There will be multiple live broadcasts of the Valorant Champions Tour Seoul 2023 available on Twitch, YouTube, and the Valorant website. As an alternative, fans can witness the show live in Seoul’s Jamsil Arena.

When it comes to Valorant esports, the Valorant Champions Tour Seoul 2023 promises to be a highlight. This is an event you do not want to miss, as the top teams in the world will be vying for a total of several million dollars in prize money. Listen in on the live broadcasts or be there in person to find out who wins the Valorant Champions Tour Seoul 2023.

League of Legends – Worlds 2023

League of Legends – Worlds 2023 - Gamendly

Riot Games sponsors the League of Legends World Championship, or “Worlds,” each year to determine the world’s best team. Sports fans anticipate the 2023 competition. This article will explore the 2023 World Championship structure, teams, and predictions.

Date and Venue:

Riot Games has not announced Worlds 2023 dates. However, historical years suggest the tournament will start in September and finish in late October or early November. These are estimates, and Riot Games may adjust the tournament timetable.

The 2023 World Cup location is unknown. Riot Games has a history of finding great tournament locations. The Beijing National Stadium, Staples Center, and AccorHotels Arena have hosted Worlds. Given this, Riot Games will choose another amazing venue for Worlds 2023. Possible event venues:

The Tournament Format

The 2023 Worlds format is unknown. However, past tournament outcomes may help us forecast. The tournament’s “main event” usually follows a “play-in” round.

Main Event and Play-In Stage

The previous major Event includes a competition among the finest elite squads from various regions across the world, such as China, the Americas, Europe, Korea, and Southeast Asia. The teams that participate engage in a double round-robin format within their respective groups, with the team that wins chosen by the best-of-one system. In order to choose a victor, the highest-ranking two teams from every group move forward to the elimination round and engage in a tournament where a single reduction results in disqualification.

The Play-In Stage is a preliminary competition that typically precedes the Main Event, wherein teams hailing from underdeveloped regions that have yet to secure a spot in the latter, vie for a chance to participate. The teams that are involved engage in a double round-robin group stage format, wherein each match is a best-of-one face. Each team from each group includes a pair of teams, and the highest-ranking two squads from each group move forward to the championship stage.

Participating Teams

2023’s World Cup host and teams remain unknown. We can predict which teams will progress based on previous tournament performances.

China North, America, Europe, Korea, Southeast Asia

China has dominated League of Legends competitively with FunPlus Phoenix and Invictus Gaming. Several strong Chinese teams will compete in 2023.

North America’s foreign performance has improved in recent years. North America may qualify a team to the 2023 Main Event with teams like Team Liquid and Cloud9.

North America and Europe have produced some of League of Legends’ top teams. Europe will send numerous good teams in 2023.

SK Telecom T1 and Samsung Galaxy dominated League of Legends for years. I wouldn’t be shocked if one Korean team made the 2023 championship game.

Southeast Asian League of Legends teams like Vietnam’s GAM Esports and Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Hunters have done well internationally. Southeast Asian teams may qualify for 2023.

CS: GO – BLAST Paris Major 2023

CS: GO – BLAST Paris Major 2023 - Gamendly

Knowledge of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a necessity for those who enjoy gaming, particularly those who have an obsession for first-person shooter games. This multiplayer first-person shooter game has been an established fixture in the gaming industry for over twenty years, reaching significant success in terms of both popularity and competition, and becoming a leading title in the field.

Periodic updates are implemented to sustain players’ engagement by introducing fresh content and modifications to gameplay mechanics. The subject of our attention pertains to the upcoming competitive event in the realm of video gaming, namely the BLAST Paris Major 2023, which centers on the popular game title known as CS: GO.

Date and Venue:

CS: GO—BLAST Paris Major will take place in Paris in 2023. The competition will be held in the 20,000-seat AccorHotels Arena. The event is scheduled for 2023. Fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting tournament specifics including dates and squads. CS: GO-BLAST Paris Major 2023 information will be updated.

What is CS: GO BLAST?

Valve and Hidden Path Productions developed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). Since its August 2012 release, it has become one of the most popular and highly disputed multiplayer games worldwide. Terrorists and counter-terrorists battle to win. CS: GO has competitive, casual, deathmatch, and other modes.

BLAST hosts important international video gaming tournaments. They specialize on high-production Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments with novel formats and tough competition. BLAST has sponsored Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments since 2017.

What can we expect from the Paris Major 2023?

Paris will host a highly anticipated 2023 CS:GO event. World-class teams will battle for $2,000,000. The event’s AccorHotels Arena can hold over 20,000 people.

The innovative tournament concept will keep participants and viewers engaged. Double-elimination matches will be best-of-three sets. The top eight teams will play a best-of-five single-elimination playoff.

Paris Major 2023 will certainly draw a significant audience. Twitch, YouTube, and other video-streaming platforms provide multilingual event coverage. Due to the cutting-edge technologies used to improve the process, the organizers promise a high-quality output.

Top teams

The strongest teams in the world will compete in the Paris Major in 2023, making the champion’s identity a complete coin flip. Nonetheless, here are a few of the best teams to keep an eye on depending on how they’ve been performing recently:

  • Astralis
  • Natus Vincere
  • Team Liquid
  • G2 Esports
  • FaZe Clan

Streaming services like Twitch and YouTube will carry live coverage of the Paris Major 2023. There will be translations of the competition into a number of languages. This is a multi-faceted event that will include.


To conclude, esports is growing rapidly, with bigger competition each year. In 2023, the best esports athletes will compete in several thrilling events.

CS: GO – BLAST The Paris Major 2023 at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris is expected to draw tens of thousands. Dota 2, Overwatch League, and League of Legends World Championship grand finals are notable.

Esports will continue regardless of the top five competitions in 2023. Esports is becoming one of the most competitive and thrilling sports and entertainment industries, with a growing fanbase and professional teams and players.

Every year there are lots of tournaments all the latest news and team news will be there at, and we’ll soon add an Esport Tournaments section where you can easily find and see the tournament details.
2023 will be exciting, innovative, and expanding for esports fans old and new. Support your favorite players and teams in the main esports stages!

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