Does dark and darker have controller support

Does dark and darker have controller support

Dark and Darker does not currently have native controller support. This means that the game is not designed to be played with a controller out of the box. However, there are a few ways to get a controller working in Dark and Darker, which we will discuss in this article.

Controller Use in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker has two major controller methods:

Use a third-party controller mapping program. Many third-party apps map gamepad buttons to keyboard and mouse inputs. This is the most popular controller setup in Dark and Darker since it allows for the most control mapping versatility.

Use Steam Controller. Despite not having native controller support, Dark and Darker works nicely with the Steam Controller because to its unique characteristics. The Steam Controller’s trackpad emulates a mouse cursor, which is beneficial for menu navigation.

What Method Should I Use?

Your preferred controller method for Dark and Darker depends on your tastes. For maximum control mapping flexibility, utilize a third-party controller mapping application. For a plug-and-play experience, use the Steam Controller.

Controller Mapping Advice

Some tips for mapping controls with a third-party controller mapping program:

  • Movement: Map left joystick to movement and right to camera.
  • Map left and right mouse buttons to basic attacks.
  • powers: Map the remaining controller buttons to character powers.
  • Inventory: Map a few buttons to the most critical inventory functions, such opening, utilizing, and dropping goods.

The Steam Community has many controller mappings for Dark and Darker. Well-done mappings are a useful starting point for customizing controls.

Controller Benefits in Dark and Darker

The benefits of using a controller in Dark and Darker include:

  • More comfortable gameplay: Many gamers prefer controllers to keyboards and mice, especially for long periods.
  • Improved aiming: Controllers can improve aiming, especially for ranged classes.
  • Disability-friendly gameplay: Controllers make Dark and Darker more accessible.
  • Cons of Using a Controller in Darkness

Some difficulties of using a controller in Dark and Darker include:

Less flexibility: Dark and Darker requires a third-party controller mapping application or the Steam Controller because it lacks native controller support. This can be difficult to set up.
Controllers move less precisely than keyboards and mouse. This can hinder trap avoidance and restricted space navigation.

Controllers have fewer buttons than keyboards and mice, thus you may need to sacrifice inventory space to map all the critical controls.

Personal preference determines whether to utilize a controller in Dark and Darker. For the most comfortable and immersive game experience, use a controller. If you need accurate movement or quick inventory access, a keyboard and mouse may be best.

Since Dark & Darker is under early access, the developers may provide native controller support.

Steam Community has many Dark and Darker controller mappings. If using a third-party controller mapping tool, try different mappings to discover the optimal one. Adjust the Steam Controller trackpad sensitivity.

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