is only up free?

is only up free?

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Only Up  was launched on Steam for PC on February 22, 2023, with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S versions in development.

Only Up! lets players control Jackie, a ghetto teen attempting to escape poverty. Jackie must climb progressively difficult platforms utilizing parkour to avoid traps and hazards.

Each metropolitan area in the game presents new challenges. Avoiding death, players must negotiate crowded streets, construction sites, and abandoned buildings. Only Up! has a multiplayer mode for racing and time trials.

Only Up Free?

Play Only Up! for free on all platforms. In-game microtransactions allow gamers to buy cosmetic items or premium cash.

Downloading Only Up! for Free

Visit Only Up!’s Steam website and click “Play Game” to download it for free. Don’t have a Steam account? Create one.

After downloading and installing the game, you can play immediately. No account or content purchase required. Only Up! is easy to play but hard to master. Parkour mechanics need practice, but the controls are simple.

WASD keys move Jackie. To jump, use Spacebar. To rise, press E. Hold Shift to sprint. Press the appropriate button near an obstacle to perform parkour moves like wall running and sliding. Wall running involves pressing E while running toward a wall. Each level requires climbing the platform without dying. Jackie’s parkour talents are needed to evade traps and obstacles.

Tips for Playing Only Up!

Tips & methods for starting Only Up!

  • Sprint to get momentum.
  • Time your jumps wisely.
  • Try different parkour moves.
  • Use nature to your advantage. You can wall run or slide down slopes.
  • Try restarting the level if you get stuck.
  • Play MultiplayerPlayers can race or time trial in Only Up!’s multiplayer mode.

Free platformer Only Up! is enjoyable and tough. It has many metropolitan areas with distinct challenges. Players can race or time trial in the multiplayer mode. If you want a hard and rewarding platformer, try Only Up!

Tips & strategies to improve Only Up! skills:

Master the controls. The better you know the controls, the better you can parkour and overcome obstacles. Practice often. Playing more improves your game. Try different playstyles. Playing Only Up! has no right way. Find your playstyle and stick with it.

Watch other players. There are several amazing Only Up! players on YouTube and Twitch. Learn new techniques from their videos.

Don’t despair. Only Up! is difficult but rewarding. Practice will lead to improvement.
Have fun! Only Up! is fun alone or with company. Take it easy and appreciate the challenge.

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