Final Fantasy 16's Best Major Next-Gen Features - PS5

Final Fantasy 16’s Best Major Next-Gen Features – PS5

Final Fantasy 16’s Best Major Next-Gen Features – PS5

A new trailer reveals how Final Fantasy 16 works with the PlayStation 5 to immerse players in the game’s dark fantasy universe. The next upcoming part of Square Enix’s famous JRPG series is scheduled to arrive on June 22, with a two-hour demo now available for anxious fans to test out before the game’s release.

Final Fantasy 16 begins to the war-torn world of Valisthea, where a young king named Clive Rosfield travels on an adventure to seek revenge on his destroyed kingdom using the Eikons, the game’s updated version of the series’ classic Summons.

The upcoming Final Fantasy XVI, that will be available exclusively on PlayStation 5 for on 20 june,  plans to take advantage of the new console’s unique features in some extremely interesting ways. For example, the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback will be used to depict previously impossible levels of detail.

In addition, according to game director Hiroki Takai, the game would still be in development without the console’s memory and SSD.

Final Fantasy 16's Best Major Next-Gen Features - PS5

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With the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, Final Fantasy XVI players may also take advantage of the PS5’s HD Audio capabilities. The Final Fantasy XVI demo has been made accessible through the PlayStation Store, limiting the length of time fans have to wait just a little to play the new game.

The beginning of this new demo centers on Clive’s adolescence in the Grand Duchy of Rosaria and comprises approximately two hours of gameplay. After completing the prologue, players can put their skills to the test in a “special combat” performance featuring an elder version of Clive and his Eikonic abilities. The Final Fantasy XVI demo’s Prologue save data is compatible with the complete game, but the special combat demo’s save data is not.

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