Lords of Fallen is coming on October 13

Lords of Fallen is coming on October 13

Lords of Fallen is coming on October 13. The demigod Adyr has shattered a dark fantasy realm in the game. This game lets you play as a Dark Crusader on a great expedition to destroy Adyr and restore order. Combat in the game is difficult, testing players’ abilities.

Its extensive character customisation system lets users customize their characters. Players may also explore a massive, linked gaming environment. This game should be one of the most aesthetically spectacular of the year.

Lords of the Fallen is the spiritual successor to the 2014 game of the same name. Both games strongly reference From Software games. The 2023 Lords of the Fallen’s open environment, gameplay, and enemies resemble Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring.

Lords of the Fallen takes set in a five-times-larger environment than the 2014 version. Two parallel realms exist for the living and the dead. Your candle may reveal another planet. In this alternate realm, you may find riches or terrifying adversaries.

You play a totally customizable character in this game. You may pick from nine character classes. A variety of weapons and spells will help you defeat adversaries, including gigantic monsters that dominate the screen. You may play alone or with a buddy in online co-op. Like Soulsborne, other players may join your game and fight you.

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Source: IGN

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