Netflix is developing a new game by the studio behind Alto's Odyssey

Netflix is developing a new game by the studio behind Alto’s Odyssey

Netflix’s Alto’s Odyssey developer is creating a new game. Many firms are noticing the gaming industry’s rapid growth. Netflix has joined with the company behind “Alto’s Odyssey” to enter the gaming market. This article discusses the new game, collaboration, and expectations.

Netflix is developing a new game by the studio behind Alto's Odyssey


Streaming services have made gaming popular and lucrative. Netflix, recognized for its great original content, is working with Alto’s Odyssey developer to create a new game.

This article covers this relationship, the game’s development, and player expectations.


Snowman, an independent company, created Alto’s Odyssey. Players and reviewers loved the game, which became a top mobile game. Fans of “Alto’s Odyssey” are thrilled to see Snowman’s new game with Netflix.


Snowman-Netflix is an amazing alliance. Both firms produce high-quality material, but they’re collaborating on something new. The company will create a Netflix-exclusive game. The game will follow the “Alto’s Odyssey” universe’s aesthetic and gameplay.


The tiny company behind the highly acclaimed smartphone games Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey has unveiled a teaser for their next project. Netflix will provide Laya’s Horizon. The addicting Alto series was produced by Snowman.

Snowman is developing the game, but information are limited. The company has teased fans on social media with teasers and photos of the forthcoming game’s gorgeous artwork. The new game seems to feature the same stunning visuals and music design of “Alto’s Odyssey.”


The game trailer emphasizes the beach location. Windmills, hot-air balloons, and craggy outcrops look like a low-poly Breath of the Wild. The clip ends with the player protagonist, a person in a cape or flying suit, hovering over the ground.

Laya: Horizon’s teaser doesn’t reveal gameplay or release date. However, “A brand new world is just beyond the horizon…” “Although we’re not quite ready to release information about the game yet,” a Snowman spokeswoman told Engadget, “we can say that it’s a totally new IP and something we’ve been working on for a long time.”

Netflix currently has over 40 high-quality Android and iOS games without ads or microtransactions because to their unique mobile gaming venture. Free games for subscribers.

We don’t know much about the new game, but it should be stunning and engaging. Snowman’s screenshots suggest the game will look like “Alto’s Odyssey,” which will satisfy fans. Players will also explore gorgeous locations, complete tasks, and earn prizes.


Snowman’s Netflix connection excites the game industry. The company behind “Alto’s Odyssey” is known for making gorgeous and engrossing games, so fans are anxiously awaiting their next release. The new Netflix-exclusive game will be attractive and interesting. Join for gaming news and updates!

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