Epic reveals its millions spent on free games

Epic reveals its millions spent on free games

Epic reveals its millions spent on free games, Epic Games has recently announced that it will be giving away free PC games every week of the year through the Epic Games Store. But how does the company decide which games to give away? According to Steve Allison, VP and general manager of the Epic Games Store, it’s all about timing and choosing some big names.

Epic has spent millions of dollars to give away games since the launch of the Epic Games Store in late 2018. The company’s objective is to attract new users and enhance its nascent game store. Allison explains that the company aims to have one “tentpole” game every month to create a big week. For weeks with smaller games, Epic highlights hidden gems, teams the company respects, or a developer with an upcoming release.

The free games program is great for developers because it brings in new players who may buy other games from the Epic Games Store or Steam. In developing countries where gaming may be more expensive, free games help expand the global reach of some titles. Also, developers get a flat fee from Epic, which makes sure they make money no matter how many copies are claimed.

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Epic reveals its millions spent on free games

Epic offers free games to keep people on their platform rather than Steam. Epic encourages users to Fortnite and Rocket League by delivering free games from famous creators.

Epic announced its free games program and platform growth in its store year-in-review. Daily active users reached 34.3 million in 2022, up from 31.1 million in 2021, while monthly active users reached 68 million, up from 62 million.

Fortnite lowered the store’s income compared to last year. Third-party app spending rose 18% to $355 million. Epic’s own games reduced expenditure by 2 percent to $820 million.

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After a lengthy closed beta, Epic Games Store developers may use self-service publishing tools. EA Play, Ubisoft Plus, and “hopefully” PC Game Pass will also be supported by the firm. The marketplace may offer Epic’s Unreal Engine rival Unity.

Epic’s free games initiative benefits gamers and creators. Epic thinks this blend of big names and undiscovered treasures will retain users on its platform and help developers grow. As the Epic Games Store grows, it will be fascinating to see what additional features and perks the firm offers to entice consumers.

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