The Top Selling Video Games in History

The Top Selling Video Games in History

The Top Selling Video Games in History, In history, many games come But here we will discuss the games that are the top-selling games in the history of the gaming Industry, The estimated growth of the gaming industry is $320 Billion by 2026. it’s better to be a gamer at this time, As a gamer, you can earn money in a big amount. And the doors of the gaming industry are going to boom more in the future.

The last year In The Gamers Awards 2022, There are many games with Elden Ring on the top of the list by winning the Game Of The Year Award, and as well as other games award winners include, God Of War, As Dusk Falls, Final Fantasy XIV, Stray Marvel Snap, Moss: Book II, Grand Turismo 7, Marrio+Rabbids Spark Of Hope, Kibby, And The Forgotten Land & Also the actors, Voice & Sound creators wins the awards.

We will be talking about the selling games in history according to their sales in dollars all over the world. With the game Tetris standing on the number one spot here we have, The Top Selling Video Game in History:

The Top Selling Video Games in History

The Top Selling Video Games in History
Video GamesCopies Sold
Tetris 520 Million
Mincraft238 Million
GTA V175 + Million
Wii Sport82 Million
PUBG: Play Unkown Battleground75 Million
Mario Cart 8 60 Million
Super Mario Bros.58 Million
Red Dead Redemption 2 50 Million
POKÉMON – Red/Green/Yellow/Blue47 Million
Terraria44 Million

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Tetris (#1), established its place among the greatest early video games via the use of basic rules. By December 2011, it has sold 202 million copies, including 70 million physical units and 132 million paid mobile game downloads, making it one of the most successful video game series.

According to The Tetris Corporation, 520 million copies of the perhaps most enduring video game ever produced, Tetris, have been sold worldwide.

And then we have Minecraft (#2) which based on likely open-world and sands boxes has sold 238 Million Copies making it the most popular game in the history of gaming. GTA 5 (#3) Is also the most popular among fans and was Developed by Rockstar games. It has sold more than 175 Million On all the platforms. These are the top 3 listed games out of the top 10 Most selling video games in the history of the gaming Industry.


In Conclusion, millions of individuals worldwide play video games. The best-selling video games have attracted players of all ages.

Video games remain popular, despite certain titles’ success. As technology advances and new gaming experiences develop, more amazing games will undoubtedly top the lists.

As gamers, we may look forward to exciting new industry advances and reliving our favourite gaming memories. Video games provide something for everyone—casual players and diehard fans alike.

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