UN uses new gaming technology to develop a teen environment simulation game 2023

UN uses new gaming technology to develop a teen environment simulation game 2023

UN uses new gaming technology to develop a teen environment simulation game 2023,

NAIROBI, JANUARY 24th, 2023 The Ozone Secretariat of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) just released a simulator game and avatar made with the latest computer technology. Addition of Apollo’s Edition to the Reset Earth learning platform. The online education content that has been created is aimed at students between the ages of 13 and 18, and it is available for free to teachers. Which will make learning as fun as gaming.

Everyone’s chromosomes have a section dedicated to the importance of play. Studies have demonstrated that playing can improve our mental, social, and physical abilities. But when you add in people’s insatiable need to play with things like the internet, technology, and hyperrealistic computer images, you get an industry that is expected to earn over $200 billion by 2024.

Avatar In The Metaverse

,UN uses new gaming technology to develop a teen environment simulation game 2023, Avatar In The Metaverse

The Ozone Secretariat used cutting-edge motion capture technology to bring their new Reset Earth figure, Apollo, to life. A motion-capture suit with 17 sensors and headset technology captured the actor’s every move and expression to make the audience feel more involved & get attached to it.

This invention combined a powerful real-time 3D production tool with a realistic animated character and a metaverse where she vlogs about a wide range of educational topics based on scientific research. Reset Earth focuses on the ozone layer and educational materials for teachers.

In 2022, three billion people will play video games on mobile devices, computers, or home gaming systems. Because of all this attention, involvement, and power, video game companies have a global customer base that is almost unmatched.

Students Can Make Decisions

UN uses new gaming technology 2023, Students Can Make Decisions

Reset Earth Impact Simulator tests students in an interactive course. As decision-makers, they will be offered four policy options with distinct results that will be recorded and presented in the game. Their activities will impact the environment, society, economics, and political power depending on their ozone layer knowledge.

Ozone Secretariat Executive Secretary Meg Seki hopes to inspire young people to become environmental scientists and politicians by providing new learning tools.

Student Worksheets And Lesson Guides

UN uses new gaming technology to develop a teen environment simulation game 2023, Student Worksheets And Lesson Guides

The materials from each lesson can be mixed in any way that is deemed appropriate by the instructor. The methods include the viewing of engaging films, participation in group activities designed to stimulate conversation and the assignment of individual projects.

The ozone layer and environmental preservation can be easily included in existing curricula with the help of these courses, which serve as flexible resources. Technology is making progress and making things easier to be done.

Future Climate Champions’ Awareness Of Reset Earth

UN uses new gaming technology, future Climate Champions' Awareness Of Reset Earth - Gamendly

For future climate heroes, Reset Earth’s Apollo’s Edition is in the movie, mobile game, and teaching modules for youths. whichever things go wrong, the Montreal Protocol will repair the ozone layer by mid-century. The Montreal Protocol restricted ozone-depleting greenhouse gasses like chlorofluorocarbons to protect the planet and sink of carbon. (CFCs). Ozone-depleting pollutants may prevent a half-to-full-degree increase in temperatures by mid-century.

Future generations need to realise the importance of protecting the ozone layer is to avert global warming and restore our world. The Kigali Amendment to decrease hydrofluorocarbons, also known as HFCs, might prevent global warming by 0.3 to 0.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. If we keep protecting the ozone layer and earth.

Accurate knowledge empowers. Today’s publication of Apollo’s Edition may inspire future global environmentalists to Reset Earth.

This game technology will make learning about Earth and its environment simpler and faster.


Montreal Protocol

The Montreal Protocol bans ozone-damaging substances to safeguard the atmosphere. Since 1989, this historic pact has been lauded for its global environmental advantages.

One of the best worldwide environmental accords. The global effort to rebuild the ozone layer has improved the environment and economy.

UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

UNEP is the worldwide environmental voice. It leads and inspires countries and peoples to enhance their quality of life without sacrificing future generations by caring for the environment. It also does so without harming current generations.


Cool idea! The UN should create a 2023 teen environment simulation game using cutting-edge gaming technologies. If the game promotes environmental awareness and world health, it will be worth it. The game could teach kids about community issues and how they can help. Teens may be more engaged in the message if the game is exciting and educational. Interested readers can find more gaming content on Gamendly.

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