Web3 Game Studio Mythical Games Launches Marketplace

Web3 Game Studio Mythical Games Launches Marketplace

Web3 Game Studio Mythical Games Launches Marketplace

On Wednesday, Mythical Games, a company that makes Web3 games, told people that Mythical Store 2.0 was coming out. Mythical Marketplace 2.0 is a new online marketplace for digital game components.

Mythical Games decided to buy the platform for game assets called DMarket so that they could finish making their latest game. The company will provide the architecture for the upgraded version of Mythical’s Marketplace, which is a place where players can buy in-game assets.

The anti-money-laundering and fraud protection criteria of DMarket will be included in the marketplace, and a big focus will be on helping to build a community-driven, digital ownership-centered marketplace.

CEO of Mythical Games John Linden told CoinDesk that the new marketplace will bring about a new digital ownership economy and bring more gamers to Web3.

More “Game,” less “Fi” — A new era in Web3 gaming

Web3 Game Studio Mythical Games Launches Marketplace

Linden noted that the game’s primary target demographic is “essentially teaching gamers these mechanics.” According to Linden’s explanation, “you’re just playing the game; you’re buying stuff in the game, and we’re doing all the hard and heavy lifting behind the scenes.”

More than 2 million transactions have been completed on Mythical’s Ethereum-compatible chain since it went live six weeks ago. The long crypto winter and the uncertainty in the market are still hurting the company.

After growing a lot during the bull market, Mythical had to restructure, which meant that 10% of its employees had to be let go in the month of November. After a few weeks had passed, in the month of December, the company made public its plan to file a lawsuit against the three executives who had left the company to start a rival business called Fenix Games using funds that had been set aside for Mythical.

Linden has said that he wants the dispute to be settled quickly for the sake of the company’s employees and investors, even though he can’t say much about the details of the conflict. Stay tuned Gamendly.com

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