Xbox Series X Digital-Only Mid-Gen Refresh Has Been Leaked In Court Documents

Xbox Series X Digital-Only Mid-Gen Refresh Has Been Leaked In Court Documents

Xbox Series X Digital-Only Mid-Gen Refresh Has Been Leaked In Court Documents

In 2024, Microsoft will upgrade the Xbox Series X and S, according to FTC court documents in its complaint against Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The improved Series X system, Brooklin, can only play digital games like the Xbox Series S. Games must be downloaded from the Xbox Store and installed as it won’t have a disc drive.

The secret papers also show that the Brooklin will have a cylinder shape, unlike the Xbox Series X, which has a square shape. It is also said to have more memory and a more powerful CPU and GPU.

The Brooklin is part of a larger mid-generation update of the Xbox Series X|S, which is also said to include a new Xbox Series S and a third model called Uther. The Uther is said to have the same features as the Brooklin, but users will be able to customize it using Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab.

The Xbox Series X|S is likely to get a mid-generation update in August and October 2024, respectively.

This information comes from secret papers, and Microsoft hasn’t officially said anything about plans to update the Xbox Series X|S mid-generation. But the fact that this information was included in court papers says that Microsoft is thinking about doing this.

Possible perks of a digital-only update to the Xbox Series X

A digital-only Xbox Series X update could be good in a few ways. First, making it would cost less than making a machine with a disc drive. This could cause prices to go down for people.

Second, a system that didn’t have a disc drive would be smaller and lighter because it wouldn’t have a disc drive. This could make it easy to take with you and set up.

Third, a device that could only play digital games would be better for the world. Making and moving discs uses up resources, and many of them end up in dumps. By getting rid of the disc drive, Microsoft could make the Xbox Series X less harmful to the earth.

Possible problems with updating the Xbox Series X with digital games only

A new Xbox Series X that only works digitally could also have a few problems. To download and run games, customers need a decent internet connection. This may affect rural and slow internet users.

Second, a gadget that only played digital games would make secondhand game sales tougher. Some may have to pay extra for games.

Third, a gadget that only plays digital games would offer Microsoft greater control over game sales and distribution. This might raise game pricing and reduce selection.

Whether or not a new Xbox Series X that can only be played digitally is a good thing is a matter of opinion. There are both possible pros and cons to think about.

Q: What is a mid-generation refresh?

A mid-generation refresh is a console update issued mid-generation. It usually has a faster CPU, more memory, or more storage.

Q: Why is Microsoft releasing a mid-generation refresh of the Xbox Series X?

Leaked court filings indicate that Microsoft will introduce a digital-only Xbox Series X mid-generation update in October 2024. This next model may offer 2TB of storage, a cylindrical form, and quicker Wi-Fi.

Q: How much will the Xbox Series X Digital-Only Mid-Gen Refresh cost?

Leaked court records indicate that the Xbox Series X Digital-Only Mid-Gen Refresh will cost $499.

Q: When will the Xbox Series X Digital-Only Mid-Gen Refresh be released?

Leaked court records indicate an October 2024 release for the Xbox Series X Digital-Only Mid-Gen Refresh.

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