AMD's new generation tech can extend your GPU

AMD’s new generation tech can extend your GPU

 AMD’s RDNA 3 and RDNA 4 graphics cards include Frame Generation, a capability that might dramatically increase the lifetime of aging GPUs. By shifting part of the strain associated with rendering frames from the GPU to the CPU via Frame Generation, the GPU may concentrate on more difficult tasks like ray tracing and high-resolution texturing.

By doing this, newer games could be played at playable frame rates on older GPUs with less powerful performance. Although AMD hasn’t yet made public statements on Frame Generation, reports indicate it might provide older GPUs a performance increase of up to 50%.

If Frame Generation is successful, PC gamers may be able to use their older GPUs over a longer period of time even as newer games grow more demanding. GeForce GTX 1060, Radeon RX 570, and Radeon RX 480 are a few examples of older GPUs that might have their lifespans increased via Frame Generation. Even if the real performance improvements vary depending on the game and settings, Frame Generation could still extend the playability of older GPUs.

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