Xbox Credit Card is now available all you need to know

Xbox Credit Card is now available, all you need to know

The Xbox Credit Card is now available, The Xbox Mastercard is a brand-new credit card from Barclays that is only offered to Xbox Insiders in the United States. In addition to card points, a free Game Pass, and special discounts on games, accessories, and other Xbox-related items, it provides players with a number of advantages.

Every transaction made with the card results in rewards points that may be redeemed for statement credits, gift cards, and other prizes. The card has no annual charge. While travel perks include travel insurance and purchase protection, buy protection protects against unauthorised purchases and damage to approved items.

Being an Xbox Insider in the US determines eligibility for the Xbox Mastercard, and candidates may verify their status by using the Xbox Insider Hub software on their console or PC. Once their applications have been accepted, cardholders may begin collecting reward points on their regular purchases and redeeming them on the Xbox Mastercard rewards page at

While applicants must be at least 18 years old, the card offers a variable APR and a 3% foreign transaction charge for transactions made outside of the US. Despite these restrictions, the Xbox Mastercard is a great choice for players who wish to save money on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and get incentives for their purchases.

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