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GTA 6 Teased in Vinewood Sign Picture?

Rockstar Games’ Newswire photo of GTA 5’s Vinewood sign was shared on October 16, 2023. Fog partially concealed the sign, but “VI” and “NEW” were visible. Many fans think this is a preview for GTA 6, which is said to be in production.

The photo accompanied a blog post headlined “New and Exciting Things Coming to GTA Online.” The post discusses GTA Online’s planned additions, but it doesn’t address GTA 6. Many believe that Rockstar’s Vinewood sign photo on the same day as this blog post indicates GTA 6 news.

GTA 6 Teased in Vinewood Sign Picture?
Image Credit: Rockstar Wire

Is it a hint or coincidence?

Rockstar’s confirmation is needed to determine if the Vinewood sign is a GTA 6 teaser. Numerous evidence suggests it is.

First, the post’s timing is odd. I’ve never seen Rockstar post Vinewood sign photos on their Newswire before a GTA game announcement.

Second, the photo clearly shows “VI” and “NEW”. Rockstar would probably not inadvertently share a Vinewood sign photo with those letters hidden.

Rockstar often teases their games subtly. They posted mysterious comments on social media to promote Red Dead Redemption 2.

Most likely, the Vinewood sign picture is a GTA 6 teaser. The game is in development, and Rockstar will likely tease it more in the following weeks and months.

Tweet and entire post

Rockstar tweeted “New and exciting things coming to GTA Online.” with the Vinewood sign photo. Read the full GTA Newswire post here.GTA Wire ingeniously highlighting GTA 6.

GTA Wire, a popular GTA fan site, cleverly located the GTA 6 teaser in the Vinewood sign picture. Their article was “New GTA Online Content Teaser Includes Hidden GTA 6 Reference.” GTA Online will get new content, and the Vinewood sign picture may be a hint for GTA 6.

GTA Wire also linked to a fan’s tweet that updated the Vinewood sign photo to highlight “VI” and “NEW”. This viral tweet promoted the GTA 6 teaser.


Lots of evidence suggests Rockstar’s Vinewood sign photo is a GTA 6 teaser. The post’s timing is suspect, “VI” and “NEW” are apparent, and Rockstar has a habit of subtly hinting games.

Rockstar hasn’t confirmed whether it’s a teaser, but GTA fans should be delighted.


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